Quick list of articles about mahjong (and theory!) I’ve written or translated and published online. You can’t complain about the lack of theory anymore!

Introducing Puyo
Beginner Tile Efficiency: Incomplete Set (Taatsu) Theory
Important Complex Shapes (Part-1)
Important Complex Shapes (Part-2)
Yaku (Hand Points)
Half Flushes, Part 1
Half Flushes, Part 2
Pair Theory Part 1, Winning a Hand
Pair Theory Part 2
A Pro’s Awareness (Kojima-Sensei)
HP (Yaku) Explanation, Flushes 1
Yuki Michi’s Blog
HP (Yaku) Explanation, Flushes 2


Tile Efficiency 101:
Part 1: /tile-efficiency-101-part-1/
Part 2: /tile-efficiency-101-part-2/
Part 3: /tile-efficiency-101-part-3/
Part 4: /tile-efficiency-101-part-4/
Part 5: /tile-efficiency-101-part-5-climaxing/

How to Get Better at Jansou Mode

Pechorin Style Doctrine (Or “how not to lose to yourself and tenhou”)
Concealed vs Exposed
Tsuchida Koushou P Homage
Pro Player Interview: Kawamura Akihiro (Click to check out my interview with him!)
Experience in Japan (Or “how I lost all my money”)
More strategy! Honors
SEX (Or “explaining tenhou stats”)
Top 10 Mahjong Goddesses NSFW (Or “the day Osamuko became sankaku”)
Playing a Good Game and Losing

RM Forums
Translation of Japanese Videos About Manners in Mahjong, Part 1
Translation of Japanese Videos About Manners in Mahjong, Part 2
An impromptu (and outdated) guide to the types of kan and how to use them effectively

My Books

Guía de Profundización en Mahjong Básico(Pending revision and English translation) $4 Revised, copyrighted, and awesome! Not yet translated. At Kindle Store

Mahjong Theory: Survival of the Fastest (Pending… writing. Coming soon)