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List of Mahjong Articles in English by xKime

Quick list of articles about mahjong (and theory!) I’ve written or translated and published online. You can’t complain about the lack of theory anymore!

Introducing Puyo
Beginner Tile Efficiency: Incomplete Set (Taatsu) Theory
Important Complex Shapes (Part-1)
Important Complex Shapes (Part-2)
Yaku (Hand Points)
Half Flushes, Part 1
Half Flushes, Part 2
Pair Theory Part 1, Winning a Hand
Pair Theory Part 2
A Pro’s Awareness (Kojima-Sensei)
HP (Yaku) Explanation, Flushes 1
Yuki Michi’s Blog
HP (Yaku) Explanation, Flushes 2


Tile Efficiency 101:
Part 1: /tile-efficiency-101-part-1/
Part 2: /tile-efficiency-101-part-2/
Part 3: /tile-efficiency-101-part-3/
Part 4: /tile-efficiency-101-part-4/
Part 5: /tile-efficiency-101-part-5-climaxing/

How to Get Better at Jansou Mode

Pechorin Style Doctrine (Or “how not to lose to yourself and tenhou”)
Concealed vs Exposed
Tsuchida Koushou P Homage
Pro Player Interview: Kawamura Akihiro (Click to check out my interview with him!)
Experience in Japan (Or “how I lost all my money”)
More strategy! Honors
SEX (Or “explaining tenhou stats”)
Top 10 Mahjong Goddesses NSFW (Or “the day Osamuko became sankaku”)
Playing a Good Game and Losing

RM Forums
Translation of Japanese Videos About Manners in Mahjong, Part 1
Translation of Japanese Videos About Manners in Mahjong, Part 2
An impromptu (and outdated) guide to the types of kan and how to use them effectively

My Books

Guía de Profundización en Mahjong Básico(Pending revision and English translation) $4 Revised, copyrighted, and awesome! Not yet translated. At Kindle Store

Mahjong Theory: Survival of the Fastest (Pending… writing. Coming soon)