Mahjong in Manchester

Mahjong Clubs in Manchester

Currently the only mahjong club in Manchester (UK) is the University of Manchester Mahjong Society who play mainly Hong Kong mahjong, but sometimes play Riichi/Japanese mahjong. However, they only meet during term, and times are aimed at students (meeting weekdays at 4pm for example) so it may be inconvenient for some people.

Manchester Japanese Mahjong Club

This page was created in order to gauge and collect interest for more mahjong meetups in Manchester. It would be appreciated if any interested parties could use the contact form below to register interest, or contact me at the UK Discord "JanKenRon", where my username is David#8956



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Where to Play Mahjong in Manchester

Many casinos situated near China Town should have mahjong tables/sets available after paying a deposit of around £10. While the tiles are for Chinese styles of mahjong, they can be used for Japanese mahjong after removing the flower tiles.

Note: Even if not gambling, you will need to be over 18 to enter casinos, so bring ID. You will also need 4 people to play as I doubt any of the usual clientele will know how to play Japanese mahjong, and probably will not join pickup games anyway.

For further reading about the Chinese mahjong scene in Manchester, I highly recommend reading Zhihong Liu's excellent paper, Wheels and Tiles:
Maintaining social connections through mah-jong and
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