WRC2014 Registration Progress.

So, many of us were wondering what’s the beef regarding the current pace of player registration for the World Riichi Championship 2014, in Puteaux, France. The event was slated for mid-July, and the official deadline on the site was set for May 1. However, each country’s has been micromanaged by their respective organizations, and the process is asymmetric, to say the least…

Here are the quotas as assigned, transferred, and acted upon in date of April 9 16 18 22 24 26 29, 2014. Read More

Hot off the presses: Swedish Riichi Open 2014 results

The Swedish Open Riichi Mahjong Championship 2014 has concluded, with 36 participants from at least 4 countries. We have the results, and we also have some information regarding the two seats that Sweden has been allocated for the WRC2014 in Puteaux, France later in July.

Paraphrasing Yazphier, Sweden has chosen to allocate the two seats separately: one is given to the best Swede who performed at the tournament below, and the other is given to the best Swede in the EMA rankings after this event. There is some uncertainty as to who is actually going as many people have signaled not knowing if they can go, and others who have notified the event organizers (dunno if it made it to the Swedish org) that they will be unable to attend. Both seats are awarded independently: if Anders Ye cannot go, it will be the next best Swede at the SORMC2014. Likewise, the EMA ranking’s seat may shuffle downward accordingly. The seat will transfer to the other qualification method only after all options in one list are exhausted.

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Mahjong Census 2014

Hello and happy 2014 to you all. It’s Valentine’s Day, so I thought it would be a good idea to show our appreciation to the ones we care most about… YOU!

…except, we are not entirely sure who is who out there. We know there are a number of groups out there, some who make their presence publicly known, others who linger in the shadows, along with some informal gatherings. We want to get to know all of you as much as possible. This includes clubs, associations, and websites relating to Riichi Mahjong. Of course, there are some of you who may end up promoting other Mahjong variants. We want to hear from you too as long as you have some contribution to make to the Riichi community.
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WAML Season 1 is underway

Hello to everyone on Osamuko! Most people are aware of the World Amateur Mahjong League’s ongoing effort to create a mahjong league on Tenhou that you are free to participate in. We have had 2404 games played over 2 months, with 117 people playing over 20 games each. (We had something like 550 unique IDs take part). Thanks to everyone! New players are always welcome to join at any time.

Original post

In case there was any confusion concerning the league start date, it was for January 1, at 0000JST. The final tables for wildcard promotions are on the 5th at 2200GMT (6th at 0700JST). For those, you have to be present in the IRC channel at the designated time.

For everyone and everything else, playing Season 1 games is just like playing Season 0 games: just show up in the 7447 lobby on Tenhou and play hanchan games (right side) in the following modes: ari-ari (2nd), ari-ari + red (3rd), as well as ari-ari + red + fast (4th). League rankings as usual can be found here.

Quick reminder:

  • You still need 20 new games to keep your place in league from now to the end of February. You must use a Tenhou handle, the same one for things to count.
  • New players with 20 games will rise to C-level in Season 2.
  • Top quarter promotes, bottom quarter demotes.
  • There will be wild card tables at the start of March for Season 1. Those for Season 0 are this Saturday.

The point calculations are slightly more complicated, compensating for playing with higher-rated players or not. I’ll explain more in a future post on mahjong-league.com this week. The calculations are already properly made on the ranking pages.

League info and updates

Hello again, welcome back to the Osamuko-sponsored World Amateur Mahjong League. In 40 hours, we’re already generating a lot of traffic to Lobby 7447. Just tonight, we had 4 tables running with 9 more idling, for a total of 25 users. Fantastic!

I have a quick update for your information: score updates will be done at mahjong-league.com at a rate of 3 times a week, or when humanly possible. I plan to have a first release within 24 hours. Some players already have 9 games in, and at least for the preliminary session, there is no upper limit. Play often, win often!

Degenerate news reporting… beyond GONZO quality

When you see a website posting an article titled “Mahjong Strategy” here, one begs to ask the question: Is this a serious article? The answer is usually no for a variety of reasons. This one isn’t for all those reasons at once.

See this image, sourced to “Zhang bin fj / Imaginechina”. Do you see anything wrong with an article claiming that a) Mahjong is played with 160 tiles, b) Mahjong hands are made with 13 tiles, and c) you use this image to jazz up your article?

Mahjong picture fail from France and China.
I count 16 tiles from buddy on the right, plus 4 more in front of him (20). Chummy on the left has 13 tiles currently in hand, 3 in front of him, but messed up like a discard, and some in the corner we can’t see well. Notice the 6m dora on the end of the wall, all a bunch of beautiful things MCR doesn’t have, in a fluff piece to promote MCR and/or pad a news publication with shitty Lifestyle articles no one gives a shit about.

It’s sad to say this, but the French group MMSP (their name is ridiculous, so I’m not rewriting it in full) decided to sell out by participating in some news site’s fluff piece on mahjong. This in itself isn’t a problem, many other organizations use news media to get their name out there for publicity and recognition. The problem lies with what they considered newsworthy. With no editorial control or even a right to inspect the content. The image used could have been a dead fetus and present the same level of integrity and pride a mahjong table with the wrong amount of tiles, presenting the wrong variant’s rules with more than enough information that a 5-year old could take the article apart for gross inconsistencies. Yes, I said it, I am officially better than a 5-year old. Read More

WAML presents League Ranking!

The World Amateur Mahjong League presents the preliminary season of League Ranking.

Players able to rack up points in Lobby 7447 will contribute to their standing. At the end of the preliminary season, we will have the first free international ranked leagues, enabling people to track their progress, and compete for the title of World Amateur Mahjong Champion.

What’s the catch? What is the guarantee that this won’t fail?
This system cannot fail, as participation is directly rewarded. With the exception of Championship matches for the top 3 ranked players and the previous Champion, scheduling is irrelevant. The people who play more will edge out those who do not. The catch is that scores will be calculated from the brute scores, rather than the net scores (Finishing with 23300 (after the placement bonus) will net you 23 points, not -7), putting pressure on players who do not participate enough.

What do I need to do to participate?
Join Lobby 7447 and play regular hanchan games (Ari-ari hanchan with red fives or not, buttons 2, 3 and 4 on the right.) with your Tenhou handle. We do all the rest. Read More

Mahjong team tournament from Baidu forums: 我们都要参加!

Our fan RegalStar stumbled across a post announcing the “7th Saki Cup Japanese Mahjong Group Tournament Registration Thread”. They seemed to want to welcome any Japanese Mahjong players, so he came up with this idea of having us get a team to participate. He should be making our intentions known soon: we want in!

I hope the tournament administrative team is going to welcome our request. This will be the first time that osamuko.com will be able to compete as a website versus other teams, and we hope this is a start of many great things to come.

Our team consists of myself, RegalStar, fso, xkime and osamu.

We’re registering as RINKAI, since we will have the highest proportion of non-asians (80% of our main team). The reference is based on one of the manga story’s high school teams with 80% foreign players.

[The translated Registration and Rules threads’ OPs are in the rest of the post, big wall of text] More details to come!

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Lack of French oversight relating to Mahjong gambling

Hello, again!
I found a site thanks to one of my feeds that was talking about legalized mahjong gambling (at http://skill-games.pro talking about http://www.gameduell.fr/mahjong.html and http://www.skill7.fr/Jeux-de-plateaux/Mahjong/#/help ). OK, so I check the site itself, and it is saying that you can gamble on solitaire Mahjong (commonly called Shanghai, Taipei, since it’s anything but Mahjong). Let’s do some basic investigation! Read More