Mahjong Census 2014

Hello and happy 2014 to you all. It’s Valentine’s Day, so I thought it would be a good idea to show our appreciation to the ones we care most about… YOU!

…except, we are not entirely sure who is who out there. We know there are a number of groups out there, some who make their presence publicly known, others who linger in the shadows, along with some informal gatherings. We want to get to know all of you as much as possible. This includes clubs, associations, and websites relating to Riichi Mahjong. Of course, there are some of you who may end up promoting other Mahjong variants. We want to hear from you too as long as you have some contribution to make to the Riichi community.

You can be part of a club that is barely known, especially from countries we don’t hear much about; you could be part of a club that is regularly in the spotlight; you could be part of any group. What we do want to know is the data regarding club activity. Do you meet once a month, with 12 people every month? Is it a guess or is it able to be confirmed with supporting documentation? I am aiming to compile various information for the Americas so we may have accurate data for future posts, but if you come from Estonia or Ukraine, we want to know more from you too! Let us know in the comments, or on IRC in #osamuko (irc:// and fill out your information for the census today!

Froggie Girl wants to get to know you. Don't you want to get to know her?
Froggie Girl wants to get to know you. Don’t you want to get to know her? [author: DoujinPress.]
Country Place Player average Hours/session Frequency Person*hours/week
CA Montreal 10 8 Biweekly 40
DE Göttingen 4 4 Biweekly 8
FR (75) Paris 10 4 Weekly (2.5 events) 100
FR (92) Puteaux 8 4+4 Weekly (2 events) 64
GR Athens 5 6 Weekly 30
RU Tomsk 6* 5 Weekly 30
RU Moscow 23* 6 Weekly 115+
SE Linköping 12.5(A)+5(B) 2(A)+5(B) Weekly 50
SG Singapore 10 5 3 per month 35
UK Guildford 16 3 Biweekly 24
UK London 4-5 2 Weekly 10
UK Oxford 4 2 Monthly* 2
US (32) Crestview, FL 8 5+3 Weekly* 64
US (48) Detroit, MI area 6 4+4 Biweekly (2 events) 24
US (60) Chicago, IL area 4 5 Weekly 20
US (60) DeKalb, IL 5 5 Weekly 25
US (90a) Los Angeles, CA 4 4 Never* 0
US (90b) Los Angeles, CA 4 4-8 4/week 96
US (94) Danville, CA 12 8 Biweekly 48
VN Hanoi 6 3.5 Biweekly 10.5

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  1. Hello!

    I am the organizer for Detroit Area Mahjong, a group organized via There are about 100 people in the group, but as with any meetup group there are only a small percentage of us active.

    We have games every other Thursday in Ann Arbor where 4 – 8+ people will show up. We also have games every other Sunday in Royal Oak where 4-6 people will typically show up. There are also the random one-off games that we have on occasion.

    We typically play Riichi, but have been known to play by Hong Kong or Taiwanese rules on occasion. For the most part most of us prefer Riichi, though.

    1. So 4-8 people, twice per two weeks, I’d estimate that as 6 people on average, how many hours does that work out to ?

      Hooray for Detroit.

  2. Country: United Kingdom
    City: Oxford
    Player average: 4
    Hours/session: 2
    Frequency: irregular, maybe monthly
    Person * hours / week: 2

  3. Country: Greece
    City: Athens
    Player average: 4~6
    Hours/session: 6
    Frequency: Every week

    I have a list of 24 people playing Mahjong in Athens
    but either lost interest along the way or focuced on their Uni
    studies or only played in the tournaments we held as GUMS
    (Greek Underwater Mahjong Society)
    This is our facebook page —>
    There are also 4 people playing Mahjong in Thessaloniki (Second major city of Greece) but not as often as us.
    We play Riichi Ema+kuitan+open riichi but we may decide to include other yakus too.

  4. There’s a group of us that play on Nico/Tenhou almost everyday, there are 6 of us. 3 of us are in New England (USA), two in Canada and one in California. We have met up a few times and are always looking for more people, usually we meet up in Baltimore. If you need more people to play riichi we are usually in IRC. Thanks!

    1. I do not know how we should handle online-only groups at this moment in time for the census. We still enjoy hearing from you and other groups like you though :)

  5. Hello All!
    My name is Ryan Adams and I lead Panhandle Mahjong! (Facebook group link: )The group is located in Crestview, Florida, which is between Pensacola and Panama City. Meet ups are held on Sundays in Crestview from 1 PM to 6 PM and on Wednesday nights in Fort Walton Beach from 6PM to 9PM. The meetings usually gather 6-10 players. Tournaments occur on the first Sunday of each month, usually getting 8 to 12 players. Recently, our group has attended some local anime conventions to promote the game (such as Fandom, Anime South, and Destination Anime) by running panels and setting up tables in the game room. If you have any questions about to group, just let me know, and If you qualified for the WRC2014, I will see you there!

    1. I added your group to the list, but I was wondering if there would ever be some public presence to your group? I know osamu was able to look in your FB page for this month’s local tourney, but since I cannot verify such information…
      Essentially, as it stands, your group seems to have the most activity at 64 PH/W… I was just wondering if there was any form of documents or paper trail that can justify the sustained numbers or not. If you want to say things prvately, that’s fine too. I just want to minimize census entries like “47 people live in this 2 bedroom apartment”. I trust what you say to be true, but as I’ve been taught: “trust but verify”.

      1. I just started to post tournament results to the group. We do have the written record of all the mahjong tournaments going back to September 2012. I can give you those results if you would like. The other thing I can think of is our meetings being posted on the shops calendar. The meetings regularly started during April 2012. The shops website is linked here: . Players came and go as the day went on, so I do not have head counts. If needed, from here on out, I can keep a record for you!

        1. I don’t need permanent counts and I’m not forcing you to start, it’s just that some form of record keeping simplifies the validation of the veracity of the data. The GMG calendar looks great though :)

    1. Since this is the biggest data point currently available at this time, are most people there from start to finish or is there a bit of a dropoff? I’m just thinking that 23×6=138 is a hefty value (and congratulations), but if some people leave a bit early or something, if I should lower that value to maybe 120… I just want the most accurate picture possible. Hooray for Tesuji!

  6. Country : France
    City : Puteaux(Paris suburb)
    Players average : ~8
    Session : 4hours
    Frequency : Biweekly (monday evening and saturday afternoon)

    1. Merci de votre réponse! Vive TNT!
      La seule chose qui me désole de la situation en ce moment, c’est qu’un pays aussi peuplé en joueurs de mah-jong (riichi ou autrement) refuse de répondre, ici ou sur le forum français. Sont-ils gênés de parler en français à quelqu’un qui n’est pas Français ou bien… serait-ce une fixation sur les chiffres les plus glorifiants? J’apprécie que la Fédé a 455 membres, mais une seule réponse sur les niveaux d’activité des clubs et hop, c’est l’omertà. Je ne sais pas si c’est possible d’inciter les autres clubs à briser le silence…

      1. De rien Senechal.
        En fait, je pense que peu de joueurs français connaissent vraiment osamuko. Assez peu jouent régulièrement sur internet et s’interessent au mahjong online…
        Les forums français ne sont pas très actifs, parce que les joueurs se connectent peu (je pense). J’y vais très rarement moi même.

  7. Hello there,

    Good to see some activity in Brazil. My portuguese is horrible/non-existent, so it’s hard to browse. I really want to know more of the extent of the live events.

    As for the online stuff, if I get any more requests, I may have to start a digital census soon. It’s good to see serious groups coordinate to have regular matches online.

  8. Hi !

    Country : France
    City : Toulouse (31)
    Players average : 16-20, so let’s say 18
    Session tuesday : 3hours
    Frequency tuesday : Weekly
    Session saturday : 3hours approx once a month with 4 players
    Global Person*Hours/Week : 18*3 + 3*4/4 = 57

    Actually this association plays MCR. There are a few riichi enthousiasts who play riichi when they come – very rarely

  9. Country: Vietnam
    City: Hanoi
    Players average: 6
    Hours/session: 3.5
    Frequency: Should be weekly, but it’s really biweekly

    So person*hours/week is 10.5.

  10. Hello sf and petit_oiseau,

    I have updated the Hanoi data in the table above. As for Toulouse, I had to figure out a diplomatic way of saying this.

    Since exclusively promotes riichi mahjong (aside from its occasional side stories relating to League of Legends), it would be inappropriate for us to promote MCR or NMJL or other forms of mahjong. The exact sentiment from our staff and channel members varies, but it is mostly in the range from ambivalence to incredulity. We believe that the promotion of mahjong forms that compete with us lies squarely with the organizations concerned. For mixed organizations like the French Fed, we are willing to coordinate anything relating to riichi, but they have to pick up the slack for MCR equivalents.

    If there is to be a MCR equivalent of the census, it will have to come from MCR enthusiasts or the organizations responsible for its activity and dissemination. I did include the Toulouse data on the French forum, but it will not be added here.

  11. I am a club organiser from Singapore. We play both MCR and riichi here, so I will give the riichi figures on behalf of my riichi colleague (I am actually organiser on the MCR side).

    We have a website:

    Player average : 10
    Meet-up frequency: ~3 sessions a month
    Hours per session: ~4.7 hours
    Person*hours/week : ~46.7

  12. As noone else has posted it:
    Country: UK
    Location: Guildford
    Players average: variable, but 16 has been fairly standard recently.
    Hours/session: 3
    Frequency: Biweekly

  13. Country: US
    Place: Los Angeles
    Player average: Only 4 at a time when we meet, but we switch between about 8 different players
    Hours/Session: 4-8
    Frequency: ~4 times a week

    1. If there were some way to contact your group, maybe tell us here on in the chatroom (#osamuko on so we can update the list. While I haven’t been adding the group information to the census counts, it would be nice to expand the network of players, especially in our largest cities, so that the excuses for “not having a group to play with” diminish eventually to zero in every city with 1M+ population. :)

      1. Would an email and general location be good enough, you think? We play in San Fernando Valley in LA, and they can email us at “”

  14. We’re almost as small as a group can be, but perhaps listing here will help us find others!

    Country: UK
    Place: London (Chiswick)
    Players: 5 (1 sitting out each session)
    Hours/session: 2 (of actual mahjong; we play in the evenings in a pub, so 3-4 including food and drink)
    Frequency: Weekly (Thursdays)
    P*H/W: 8

    Contact: (yes, my email address is weird, by design :-)

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