Winter 2015 Online Mahjong Initiatives

Quick reminders of what is going on, since the completion of the Bugmoney tournament.

  • Light Mahjong Club: Info via reddit and IRC, Saturday January 24, 18:00 UTC and ongoing.
  • 2015 WAML Season 1: Info via website, wiki and IRC. Registration now open on the website, closing March 15, 23:59 UTC. Opponents will be assigned: times can be anything agreeable and played anytime until the deadlines.

Now since I will be running the WAML league activities, I would like to mention that this is totally unlike the 2012-2013 freeplay league that was running. This will resemble more the kind of performance and competitiveness that JPML and NPM Kyoukai leagues have, where everyone has an equal amount of games to play, promotions into higher leagues or demotions will occur and the awarding of dan rankings will occur through the accumulation of power points over the seasons.

If you are still relatively new to mahjong, we recommend that you both practice in lighter events like LMC and play Tenhou to acquire a ranked account. WAML has a soft cap of 1-dan for players seeking to join: players below this cap are subject to passing a pro-test. We are aiming to recruit players from around the world.

One warning is to be made: matches are your responsibility to set up. Refusal to use IRC or inability to play except during a single three hour block once every two weeks will result in potential action taken by the management. Players should be able to be present in the channel at the deadline should the group matches not be played by then in order to solve the problem.

We will keep recruiting up to March 15, but if we start getting 17+ players, we will form some groups for immediate playing into WAML Season 1. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Winter 2015 Online Mahjong Initiatives

    1. WAML is an amateur league that aims to raise the level of competitive mahjong among the general population; not raise the level of funding in some bank account. As such, WAML is cost-free for as long as I can see.

    2. The idea of a league with an entry fee has been bought up before. I think it’ll be better to run a few tournaments with an entry fee before we do a league though.

      Also, we’d have to do some research on laws/consult a lawyer…

  1. The Bugmoney tournament is actually still going on! We just entered the semi-finals after last night’s game. It will probably go on until the end of the month.

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