MahjongNews has just released an unofficial list of the best European riichi tournament players of 2009. For some reason, drob is in there. In spot #37. As the only Swede. If I’m not mistaken, this makes him the best Swedish player in Europe.

“… since formal EMA riichi tournaments were not held until 2008, when the first European Riichi Mahjong Championship took place, in Hanover. So, unlike the MCR list, comparisons with earlier rankings are not possible.”

…best ever Swedish player in Europe?

Just kidding. He’s a great guy and we wish him the best at the upcoming super-secret European Championships. If you would like to know more about this event, it’s a given that you aren’t going. I don’t really know much about it, so you would be able to deduce that I’m not going either. There was some question of whether Osamu would go but that’s another story for another time. As far as I can tell, it will be held at an undisclosed time in the EMA secret headquarters, known only to outsiders as X.

Either way I hope he stocks up on booze before going. Playing nashi with red fives in a state of sobriety can’t possibly be anyone’s idea of fun. Don’t tell any archvillians, but our hero’s ultimate form can only be unlocked by playing while completely plastered. Don’t forget, you owe us a trip report when you make it back.

If you make it back.

10 thoughts to “whoa”

  1. @Anon: No this is not the way it is played in EMA tournaments. It is apparently the way it is implemented at MahjongTime for some reason though.

  2. Winning the hand takes precedence over tenpai checks. I think that’s a universal statement.
    MahjongTime is horribly reactive to making their game playable. Check tenhou (best client out there) or any of the MahjongLogic clients (playable, chattable, they lack certain bits of specialization like showing partial hand scores when it’s irrelevant, and always saying “game ends in mahjong!” when it’s annoying as crap, not true, and for riichi, should say ends in ron, tsumo, or draw, but it is to spec with EMA rules, including the furiten flaw (which only really affects 2.5% of gameplay and strategy).)

    Seriously, if you ask us to help you play riichi on MahjongTime, you’re SOL.

  3. @Morten: Thanks, glad to hear it.

    @Senjo: I agree with you that Mahjongtime badly sucks compared to Tenhou, I was just in such disbelief that such a ridiculous rule could possibly exist and have persisted for as long as it has without someone having complained and resulted with it being fixed; looking at the EMA rulesheet, it stated under 3.4.12 – “East stays East if he declares mahjong or is tenpai. Otherwise, the deal rotates…”. So yeah, I was beginning to suspect it was really like that, and wanted to know if that was really correct, and if so that I’d know never to try any EMA ruleset event.

  4. @Anon: Yeah, the statement you are quoting in the rules has an unfortunate wording (which could be why MT implemented it that way). What it really means is that if east goes mahjong or is tenpai AFTER AN EXHAUSTIVE DRAW…..

  5. Oh and by the way the European championship has been officialy announced at the EMA site and several other sites. It will take place the 10th and 11th of July in Hanover.

  6. BUF: Furiten question, as explained by Jenn. http://www.reachmahjong.com/home/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=131&func=view&catid=5&id=51553&limit=10&limitstart=10#51643
    I seriously don’t want to antagonize the EMA, while people rail on the tanyao issue, it is an option to play it either way that isn’t as fantastic as a blue 3s or a tenyou tile, and in that light can be accepted. The problem with the furiten rule is that it’s been decided that the temporary furiten aspect applies and breaks like ippatsu. Riichi isn’t Hong Kong with an exponential score and multiple digits. It’s a game that implies a lot of strategic and defensive play that forced the implementation of restrictive and over-restrictive rules (to the eyes of others) on winning off discards. I don’t think there will be a world standard for riichi rules, as options all have their fans, but furiten isn’t an optional rule. As an external observer, I’d like to see it change, but in the end, it’s none of my concern as long as what goes in europe, stays in europe if it’s wrong.

    Anon: ML clients say EMA Riichi explicitly in their game. The betas were horrible but three months before their licence, they were up to spec, aside from my contempt for the interface. At least they attempted to fix their problems, unlike some pretending to be perfectly fine.

    Even tenhou is attempting to implement different changes over time. Some of the new stuff supposed to come out of them will turn some of the game rooms almost into a digital jansou.

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