BugMoney Mahjong Tournament Signups

Here is a link to an online tournament missing their last few signups. All the pertinent information can be found on the nicely-designed page, and any questions can be directed to Fuyutsukikaru on Twitter. They may also accept signups for substitute/waiting list players if the brackets are full, so sign up if you’re up for some tournament action in a few weeks. New players and beginners are welcome. Feel free to imagine the image below is me showing you this post and that you are somewhat excited about it.

Super-Late WRC Editorial

When I was asked to write about the WRC 2014 rules, I knew someone would be in for it. I don’t envy the people in charge of setting largely arbitrary rules. A lot of the time it’s a choice between A and B, each with their own pros and cons, if you choose A, some people will want to know why you didn’t like B, choose B and you will find out A has some kind of previously nonexistent fan-club. It’s not easy to walk the fine line between wanting to give a good impression to the visiting Japanese pros, having a fair tournament and wanting players from all over Europe to enjoy playing in a major international event.


Berries and Boss Fights in Bad Vöslau

Let us know if they are safe to eat If you’re a follower of our humble blog, you’d know that the Osamuko community has a solid and active European contingent, who frequently get together on the EMA tournament circuit. Indeed we’ve collected a rather respectable array of tournament wins and rankings, that I’ve often thought it would be nice, if a little show-offish, to have a page celebrating all the accomplishments and loot we’ve hauled back from our conquests. Earlier this week our motley crew headed to picturesque Austria to show them some of our own architecture, the magnificent pon palaces and chi castles that litter the little Tenhou lobby we call our own.


Hey, You!

It hurts to live

Hi guys, this is a small report on the first week of the mahjong league.

Over the course of our first week, we’ve logged over 100 unique IDs in games, and by the time I’ve finished writing this, over 200 matches will have been played in this week alone. People are playing mahjong, people are talking mahjong, more and more newcomers are flooding into the IRC channel and sharing in the fun.

It’s been a good week.

Touhou Online Battle

We’ve been playing quite a bit of Touhou Online Battle since it surfaced on /jp/. Ironically enough the link was originally posted in a thread about failed /jp/ projects. It caught on and the server logged about ~10000 matches in the few days before the reset. The game server just wiped today and everyone’s busy grinding their little girls to cross bullets on the fields of justice.



A Little Introspection

Hi guys, Tacos here, self-appointed editor of the blag. I had some free time recently so I’m doing some catching up, and I’d like to sort of talk about where we are right now, with regards to the blog and its content. If this sounds familiar, you can relax, we are not shutting down or downsizing.

When we started out, the whole enterprise was pretty much without direction, with a vague idea that it would be funny if Osamu became e-famous in internet-land. Once every few days weeks, we would just open up the page and bang out some random stuff on the off chance that people would find it interesting or funny. Perhaps we were lucky enough to fill a niche, maybe some people like what we do, but at the end of the day it’s nice to see that people visit our blog every day and read our rantings and ravings.


BakaBT Mahjong Tournament Announced

The Slowpoke Express has just arrived bearing news – the 1st BakaBT Mahjong Tournament is a go.

As the participants have just been sorted into groups, the tournament kicks off with a league format, probably with a cutoff into further rounds. We’re still rather unclear about the particulars. The tournament organizers should have their hands full handling game reports and matching up the 98 participants confirmed thus far, as almost all of them can only play at 5pm on odd-numbered Tuesdays in their respective time zones. BakaBT has always had one of the more active anime-based communities for as long as I can remember, so it’s no surprise that the signup thread had almost 100 posts within a few days before it was slammed shut in a panic. We shall see who among the pantsu pundits shall prevail against their peers.

(See what I did there?)


Dog Ate My Homework

Yes, I know it’s been some time since I wrote something. Yes, I do have a decent excuse. Yes, I do know that no excuses will be accepted. We all have things we’d rather be doing than banging out a couple hundred words for the leisurely perusal of our readers, including a steadily-increasing contingent of Slovakians and Mexicans. Shoutout to them, as well as the dude on old-style Arpanet. Still, come the day when I can’t summon up some walls of text for your reading pleasure, you can drag me off to the glue factory.

For some time I had been preparing a cute article entitled ‘How to win an EMA tournament’. While not exactly critical in its opinions towards the current tournament formats, it does paint a rather bizarre picture of the things you’ll need to do, to maximize your chances of accomplish aforesaid goal. Of course, the only way to alter the allure of this ideal but not-quite-conventional strategy is to move the goalposts, by overhauling some elements of the current tournament format.


[FotM] Kongai – Mind-reading browser game

Going to unhide all the Flavor of the Month posts, but still gonna tag the title just in case you only want to know about mahjongs and nothing else.

I’ve been meaning to write about this awesome game for some time but kept putting it off, partly because I keep struggling for words to describe it adequately. It’s a sort of double-blind turn-based pokemon battle with collectible cards… well, at least I tried. It was designed by David Sirlin, and if that name sounds familiar it is because he is the author of some compulsory reading in Internet 101.


Interview with CEO of MahjongLogic

This is a looooooooong overdue update. We decided to get an interview with Mr Jonas Alm, the CEO of MahjongLogic a several months back when it was the Next Big Thing and no one knew what exactly they would unleash upon us. To enjoy this article in its entirety please dial your mental time machine back to February. Everyone who ever built a palace of pons online was excited about a new player in the online mahjong industry. They actually had software that didn’t look or feel terrible, had signed up various skins, and various pundits had weighed in on the subject. Of course we couldn’t be left behind, and promptly secured this interview with the big man himself. But why publish it now, and not back then?

To be honest, the team was rather hesitant to go on and publish the thing back then, because of… well, you can read it and form your own opinions. The whole reason we did this was to provide sorely-lacking info about this new arrival on the online mahjong scene that everyone had been talking about. But after the deed was done, I read and reread the whole thing, and no matter in which light I read it, I felt royally owned. And this is after a revision email begging for more answers. The first draft was even better/worse. It was like meeting the CEO of a certain clothing retailer, known for his personal guarantees, in person.