#mahjong league update – I need 17 or it’s bust.

Hello, fellow internet players. A while back, I made an interest check for a mahjong league to be conducted over the internet. I’ve got many positive responses, but I have also received partial interest from some people and other people weren’t sure what a tenhou is.

I have 13 people that were interested that I have actively confirmed their interest and participation. I have a few people I’ve had to explain to them what mahjong is and they pulled out. I’ve had 1-2 people refer me to some website, for what purpose, it’s totally beyond me. And a few more who have posted in the comment section of last post without following up.

Let me make this absolutely clear: You have to contact me in one of four, and four ways only: by e-mail at ex@white-fang.info ; on the best mahjong forum on the internet by PM ; on one of the other two mahjong forums by PM (My handle is Senechal on all of them) ; or by IRC privately if you know how to find me. If I do not actively reply to you, do not assume you’re registered. I want you to be, but just commenting on osamuko isn’t enough.

The reason why 17 is necessary is because the world is divided over time zones restricting me or anyone from doing things at one time only. I also need all confirmed interest checks by June 15th, because it is only proper for me to tell everyone in advance the particulars of running the league matches or if worse comes to worse, cancelling it. I need to be able to have enough flexibility to mix people who can play in both time zones around so that the people stuck in the same time zone do not always play each other. 16 would be the absolute minimum, but I’m expecting that a hiccup may occur once in a while, thus 17.

I’m missing at least 4, and am able to accomodate more much easily than less. You have about 2 weeks to figure out if you’re willing to take part.

It’s on tenhou.net and you need a registered handle there (no cost).
It’s 4 games per session with the same opponents. In case I need to set up groups of 5, everyone sits out one in the group.
It’s standard East-South, ari-ari, red fives, fast game. If any rules change over time on the tenhou client, they are judged to be accepted and equal for all players. (ex.: Since June, the last dealer wins the game not only if he wins a hand, is 1st and above 30k, but even a tenpai hand will end the game if over 30k and 1st. (last-oya tenpai-yame)

Last and final note, and I’m not kidding: Do not ask why I’m not running this tournament on MahjongLogic or MahjongTime. The first can be explained by a lack of lobbies, irrespective of everything else, the last…. well someone asked for MahjongTime. I had to say no without flinching. I’m not saying anything about their clients other than the fact that I would have no ability to manage a tournament on either server.

16 thoughts on “#mahjong league update – I need 17 or it’s bust.

  1. I’d like to participate, but that late on a Friday night just isn’t an option. I hope the league works out so it can be expanded to other times in the future.

  2. I don’t have a problem with the people who said “sometime Sunday is better for me, and a bunch of other people because of XYZ”. It’s just that I can’t guarantee my presence at such a time, and this being the 1st attempt, I can’t hand the reins over either as there’s no horse to pull the cart.

    As long as this one works, there can be room for expansion and delegating leadership roles in the future.

  3. I take it you have recieved my mail last month? Since I haven’t heard back, maybe it got lost on the way. But, anyhow, I’ve invited a few mahjong peoplez. Whether they’ll attempt to join or not, beats me, but hey, I’m trying too.

  4. Current roster:

    Me, ron^5, osamu, xKime, MaMo, tyblitzar, eirei, Harlaown, bzzzra, TRA, CriX, Pabli, Speedwagon, puppi, levvy, Wortex (16)

    Still accepting applicants for about a week. Please make your interest known. Thanks!

  5. hi there, i’m really interested in this.
    i’ll send you an e-mail later (right now i’m @work)

    *hoping being accepted, if there appears one more slot… ñ_ñU*

    see ya’

  6. Regardless of how you are contacting Senechal I would suggest you get an IRC client and familiarize yourself with it to some extent. This takes 60 seconds of reading and will make things a lot easier during the first league day. Don’t be the silly person frantically trying to download his IRC client and read up on it at the same time, while everyone is ready and waiting for him to show up.

  7. I have to work out a few of the other details, namely in case of late and absent (both forewarned and non-warned) players, by how many points should things balance out, and how I’ll end up seeding the people in games.

    A forewarning for people that may or may not anticipate this: As this is league play, the intent is to give everyone the same conditions of play. There will be no match-making based off of previous results, the only two biases that could come into play are time zones and if certain people have played each other before.

  8. If you continue to do this after a season, I’d like to be involved. Hopefully within a few months I’ll actually have an idea of what I’m doing. If I joined now I’d just end up being free points.

    Good luck to you

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