Bots? In my 7447?

My attention was diverted to a mahjong thread the other day, and something among the posts caught my eye, a welcome change from the usual jaw-dropping, eye-bleeding, rage-inducing tenhou screenshots. There was a certain amount of conjecture regarding the quality of play as well as the amount of bots, or automatic mahjong-playing programs, infesting lobby 7447 and tenhou as a whole.

As someone in possession of the facts, I wouldn’t mind clearing up this minor issue for you players out there who are concerned about the humanity of their opponents.

There are no bots on 7447.

Well, no mahjong-playing bots.

Anyone who has been on the channel will have seen the IRC tenhou bot in action. It provides various useful services such as scoring and hand wait calculations, 7447 queue status, and notification of starting games and ending scores.

Most importantly, it functions as an anonymous outlet with which to harangue players in the lobby chat with various diatribes, which can be immature,

[02:52] <%tenhou> #CHAT ashen123(GUEST): hello~!
[02:53] <%tenhou> #CHAT Dashiva: haro
[02:53] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] dicks


[02:11] <%tenhou> #CHAT phoz: well im off.
[02:12] <%tenhou> #CHAT Flonne: good
[02:12] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] choke on a bouquet of cocks

or when used in combination with the chatbot, downright bizarre:

[19:18] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] go for a day lol.
[19:18] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] you have a friend are thinking of opening up #comiket.
[19:18] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] go for a while.
[19:18] <%tenhou> #CHAT Hrfag: #komiket
[19:18] <%tenhou> #CHAT Hrfag: ff
[19:19] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] you have to type a smiley or not, but i dont like to me.
[19:19] <%tenhou> #CHAT Hrfag: whatt&
[19:19] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] you have xd.
[19:19] <%tenhou> #CHAT Hrfag: wat arrr urrrr spiiiik aboooout?
[19:19] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] you have a keyboard.
[19:19] <%tenhou> #CHAT Hrfag: yep
[19:20] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] you have a total of 4,510 lolis.
[19:20] <%tenhou> #CHAT Hrfag: i have a keyboard
[19:20] <%tenhou> #CHAT Hrfag: lolis?
[19:20] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] choke on a cell phone.
[19:20] <%tenhou> #CHAT Hrfag: go play akadora
[19:20] <%tenhou> #CHAT 7447bot: [HQ] go for a white guy <3

Mahjong-playing bots do exist. However access and ownership of the programs is limited to a handful of people, who have no interest in setting them loose on our private lobby. It’s a mahjong server, not a pokemon safari park. If you ever played against one, you would have noticed a very obvious and straightforward way of identifying them. As for the individuals who claim to have played against bots, perhaps the truth may be even more surprising – some people really are that bad.

End of public service announcement. Thank you for flying 7447.

11 thoughts on “Bots? In my 7447?

  1. I was expecting that rant months ago.

    Yes, I played against bots, mittens and yakuhaiponbot if I recall correctly.

    I also was accused several times of being one.

    As I experienced bots can’t play that bad and higgledy-piggledy like I do sometimes.

    1. I can’t tell if you are trying to agree or disagree.

      Ponbot’s last game played – 2009-08-27
      It ran for a period of 3 days within August 09

      Alvin’s bot – last game played was in November 09
      and it has never played in 7447 if is correct.

      I am not trying to deny they exist. They just aren’t around any more.

  2. TRA and I obtained the bot’s code for an amusing idea we had called “BATTLEBOTS: TENHOU EDITION” where we would try to come up with mahjong AI to program into our bots and pit them against each other. Since there were only 2 of us, we filled the remaining seats with humans by testing them in L7447.

    Then came a great outcry followed by panic.

    “People are botting in L7447!” they shrieked. “This is as bad as people who bot FPS!”

    Hating on bots in shooters is normal because shooters are based on aim and bots should always be able to beat humans. Hating on bots in mahjong is dumb because mahjong is based to some extent on luck of the draw and even the Perfect Mahjong Strategy won’t win all the time. (Not to mention the amount of work it would take to create a perfect mahjong AI — our bots played at roughly an R1400 level.)

    TRA and I realized there were plenty of beginners in L7447 and we didn’t want to scare them away from mahjong so we withdrew our testing from the lobby. Unfortunately, the panic wouldn’t die down once it had begun. With the bots gone but the terror still lingering on the masses, anyone who beat you in a game suddenly became suspect as a bot.

    “phoz is a bot! KoG is a bot!” they cried.

    Those of us in the know thought it was pretty funny so we started making bot jokes. Someone insulted your playstyle in that last game? “It wasn’t me, it was a bot!” Even with frustrated bystanders calling for “NO MORE BOT JOKES SRSLY” it became somewhat of a commonplace taunt to make a bot joke about someone.

    To this day I’m not sure if anyone actually believes there are botters or if it’s now some kind of meme that older generations use to antagonize the newer for laughs. However, I’d be very surprised to see someone make a mahjong-playing bot since sending the correct arguments in calls to Tenhou is a pain and they kick you every time you get one wrong. Good luck with that :V

  3. Oh also all the bots that would have played in 7447 will have green bars rather than red/blue bars under their names, assuming they didn’t change my original code.

  4. You seem to be assuming you are the only person who has written a tenhou bot… mine is currently 2 dan. Although I don’t (and never have) run it in 7447 (because I’m not a cock) doesn’t mean you can assume someone else hasn’t.

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