Overview of Mahjong Parlors and Why You Can’t Really Win

As this is a blog written in English, I think we can assume most people reading it probably don’t have access to mahjong parlors. Then again, this is a mahjong blog as well, so some people have. The point here is, is betting your money in a parlor a good idea? Ever? We will use a few different approaches to analyze this.

The conclusion, if you want to skip a lot of reading, is: only if you drink a lot of free drinks while you play.


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Real Life Mahjong Stat Analyzer [Python]


Lately, some of us at IRC (the ones who didn’t know a thing about programming to begin with! most fellows are actually quite profficient at it) have started studying some Codecademy tracks, learned about different programming languages, datatypes, yaddayaddayadda.

What started off as a project of mine to build a hand score calculator for real life players who couldn’t score their own hands, has turned into a small program that keeps the score of your real life games at every one of its stages, saves the detailed results from every hand (and every game) into text files, then analyzes those results to give you detailed stats on every player!

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Blunt but honest mahjong discussion

It is not unusual that people ignorant to certain aspects of a topic will speak about them anyway. This is usually what an opinion is, and people feel a need to expose their opinions in public for different reasons. By extension, it is only natural they they will communicate such views online as well, on blogs or forums. However, sometimes, if what they are exposing doesn’t fulfill certain standards of “correctness”, they will get called on it by someone. At that point, a number of things may occur:

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The secure league lobby is… secure!

For those of you wanting to avoid playing with undesirable people, there is a SECURE LOBBY for the league at this URL: http://tenhou.net/0/?C59295224

We can control who can and can’t play there.

7447 is not our lobby, it’s just a defacto English lobby. We can’t control anything of what goes on in there.

If you want to be 100% sure you won’t meet disagreeable people, arrange a game at the secure lobby.

That is all.

kbk48… Our first cheater

It is not a musical group composed of 48 girls from Kabuki-chou; in fact, it is just one sad cheater with quite a few accounts. One player, kbk+ has been using alternate accounts to assist himself (in a stupidly obvious way)  to win games at 7447. After losing a streak of games (because, quite honestly, he sucks at mahjong, life, and everything else), he decided to find his own way to win. Making sub-accounts like “geodude3” and “Broseph” to hand himself all tiles he needed. The problem is, our dear friend is too stupid to realize we can see his games and will can his ass.

If you are the cheater, kbk, read until the end. I have a message for you at the end of this post!

Right now WuMingZe is in a game with him just to catch him red handed once more.

This came to my attention during a visit at Brazilian anime forum, Minna Suki, where other players of the league were talking about their games with him. After further researching the content of his games, I found (and then posted in IRC) some discards that were getting increasingly suspicious, such as these:

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Mahjong Keypoints: How to become the strongest, 1

Horiuchi AKA HoriiLast year I bought a bunch of Kindai Mahjong magazines and read through most of them. I skipped most of the manga and concentrated on the mahjong articles (yes, I am a bitter man, and you can sue me later). In one of my editions of Kindai Mahjong Original, Houou (Phoenix Rank) of the 27th Hououisen, and Fourth Dan from the Japanese Professional League of Mahjong, Horiuchi Masahito, who is known to have a strong background of digital mahjong and a steady win record thanks to his defensive technique, has written a few articles about mahjong. This is probably the only translation into English of something written by Horiuchi. Those who followed him last year during the live edition of Hououisen broadcasted in NicoNico don’t need an introduction for this person.

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7447 strongest of all time

With Tsuno’s new tool and Alvin’s logs it is now possible to make a ranking for lobby 7447. I have filtered players with less than 50 games to shorten this list (apparently, we have had over 1000 IDs playing throughout the past 5 years!). This has reduced the list to some 300 people or so. Some people hold pretty amazing records. Check to see if your names are within this list! My IDs are xkime and 龍門渕透華様 by the way!

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