Merry Christmas

And may this never happen to you.

Man, that is too fast… we are probably screwed.
Well, good thing I kept that east! This will probably suck for the dealer, though…
Wait, WHAT!? ….WTF?


HUH…? … Furiten, too. What was that all about!?

And well… the end result:


My final score is 66.6. I guess that means something.

I censored his name not to shame him publicly. Wait.. what do you mean I forgot to censor it? No, I am not lazy, I am just… Oh, okay. Well, nevermind, you know who you are! Whoever you are.

26 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. I for one don’t think it was THAT strange, I would be very tempted to attempt DaiSuuShi if I were in that situation, too. You’re looking at this from a perspective of a result of one meaningless game but it might be years before he’ll be iishanten for DaiSuuShi again.

    1. With that line of thinking, you should pass on every Suu An Kou tsumo to go for Suu An Kou Tanki, pass on every Kokushi Musou tsumo to go for a 13 sided wait, and pass on every Chuuren tsumo to go for Pure Chuuren. i.e. It is meaningless; it doesn’t mean you will not get a Dai Suu Shii one day eventually, but it means you get Shou Suu Shii in this ocassion. Not to mention, the second point written in my next reply to GBtousai.

      1. Actually I I were to draw my winning tile while in tenpai for Kokushi I’m 100% sure I would just riichi my pair and go for the 13 sided furiten wait. Not exactly the same with Suu Ankou since it’s tanki. Chuuren I’d have to think about but since Chuuren is so rare in the first place I probably wouldn’t want to ruin it I guess.

        1. Those sort of furiten “rare” yakuman lack any value; to a point where uploaders tend to label their videos “Non Furiten 13 sided Kokushi.”

          Not to mention, there are no double yakuman in tenhou. Only compound yakuman.

    1. Also, considering your competition, all the more should you take this win. Or do you think we are foolish enough to discard the fourth wind, have you pon it, then deal into a ridiculous naked pair wait? Don’t take us for fools. kthx

  2. Actually, I wasn’t aware of that. I am still fairly new to the game in general and to tenhou specifically. Yes, a more seasoned player wouldn’t make that mistake, and I’m more than willing to admit that it was a bad play. However, one only learns by playing if he can stand the people he’s playing against. Otherwise, any potential lessons contained within the game are ignored.

    And therein lies the problem. If you want people to learn and enjoy this game, you can’t be an ass when they screw up. You can’t automatically assume that everyone who plays in 7447 is as talented and experienced as you are. You should keep that in mind next time an opponent does something stupid. Otherwise, you won’t represent yourself or the game very well.

    Of course, it’s possible that you don’t care about that and just want to post some screenshots for shits and giggles and to laugh about how the stupid player didn’t know he could have gone Shou Suu Shii. That’s your right, and likewise, it’s my right to say that makes you an ass, because that’s what this kind of post makes you look like.

    Judging by the fact that you not only didn’t redact any of the names, but even took pride in not doing so, I’m fairly sure that the above is fairly spot-on. Now, I could be wrong, and you could be an incredibly nice and tactful person in real life. People, however, tend to let loose with their latent personality traits in a forum where they aren’t in the immediate danger of being slugged for being jerks. The Internet certainly qualifies as such a place, and so, with this in mind, I will take my chances and stand behind the aforementioned description of your character.

    There are ways to make the point of, “Hey, what the hell were you thinking. That was a pretty dumb move.” without doing something like this. Next time, show a little class or keep your mouth shut.

    1. Phrases like “show a little class” are snobbish (and imperative) and encourage me to do the opposite. I could have editted your name out, but I had already taken (and uploaded!) 5 screenshots (one of which is not shown in this post) and I didn’t feel like retaking them. Was I lazy and, sure, an ass? Yeah. Do you need to be butthurt about it? No.

    1. I’mg onna clarify this while I’m at it because it might cause unneeded misunderstandings later on. ‘Yokel’ is meant as ‘some yokel has the guts to insult his Highness xkime’, not as an insult to GBtousai.

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