WRC2014 Registration Progress.

So, many of us were wondering what’s the beef regarding the current pace of player registration for the World Riichi Championship 2014, in Puteaux, France. The event was slated for mid-July, and the official deadline on the site was set for May 1. However, each country’s has been micromanaged by their respective organizations, and the process is asymmetric, to say the least…

Here are the quotas as assigned, transferred, and acted upon in date of April 9 16 18, 2014. Continue reading

Hot off the presses: Swedish Riichi Open 2014 results

The Swedish Open Riichi Mahjong Championship 2014 has concluded, with 36 participants from at least 4 countries. We have the results, and we also have some information regarding the two seats that Sweden has been allocated for the WRC2014 in Puteaux, France later in July.

Paraphrasing Yazphier, Sweden has chosen to allocate the two seats separately: one is given to the best Swede who performed at the tournament below, and the other is given to the best Swede in the EMA rankings after this event. There is some uncertainty as to who is actually going as many people have signaled not knowing if they can go, and others who have notified the event organizers (dunno if it made it to the Swedish org) that they will be unable to attend. Both seats are awarded independently: if Anders Ye cannot go, it will be the next best Swede at the SORMC2014. Likewise, the EMA ranking’s seat may shuffle downward accordingly. The seat will transfer to the other qualification method only after all options in one list are exhausted.

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arcturus.su downtime

This is a service announcement for those of you who use the Japanese mahjong wiki, ranking.pl, and other Arcturus services:

The domain ARCTURUS.SU will be unavailable until around the end of March. In the mean time, please use the backup domain A.PQRS.SE. The scheduled data collection will remain uninterrupted for services such as ranking.pl, gamerecords2, gamelogs/houou/, and so on.

Quick links: Japanese mahjong wiki, ranking.pl, Arcturus main page


English Mahjong Stream

I’m streaming some of my games in Tenhou’s tokujou tables regularly. I won’t really speak much unless people ask specific questions or I’m singing. This is the link so you can follow my twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/x_kime/

Let’s see how far we can go! As for streaming schedule, I don’t really have one, I’ll just stream in my free time, which I have quite a bit of. It’s a good idea to follow me so you can receive notifications when I go online. Further information is there in the channel description. See you there!

Super-Late WRC Editorial

When I was asked to write about the WRC 2014 rules, I knew someone would be in for it. I don’t envy the people in charge of setting largely arbitrary rules. A lot of the time it’s a choice between A and B, each with their own pros and cons, if you choose A, some people will want to know why you didn’t like B, choose B and you will find out A has some kind of previously nonexistent fan-club. It’s not easy to walk the fine line between wanting to give a good impression to the visiting Japanese pros, having a fair tournament and wanting players from all over Europe to enjoy playing in a major international event.

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Mahjong Census 2014

Hello and happy 2014 to you all. It’s Valentine’s Day, so I thought it would be a good idea to show our appreciation to the ones we care most about… YOU!

…except, we are not entirely sure who is who out there. We know there are a number of groups out there, some who make their presence publicly known, others who linger in the shadows, along with some informal gatherings. We want to get to know all of you as much as possible. This includes clubs, associations, and websites relating to Riichi Mahjong. Of course, there are some of you who may end up promoting other Mahjong variants. We want to hear from you too as long as you have some contribution to make to the Riichi community.

You can be part of a club that is barely known, especially from countries we don’t hear much about; you could be part of a club that is regularly in the spotlight; you could be part of any group. What we do want to know is the data regarding club activity. Do you meet once a month, with 12 people every month? Is it a guess or is it able to be confirmed with supporting documentation? I am aiming to compile various information for the Americas so we may have accurate data for future posts, but if you come from Estonia or Ukraine, we want to know more from you too! Let us know in the comments, or on IRC in #osamuko (irc://irc.rizon.net/osamuko) and fill out your information for the census today!

Froggie Girl wants to get to know you. Don't you want to get to know her?

Froggie Girl wants to get to know you. Don’t you want to get to know her? [author: DoujinPress.]


Country Place Player average Hours/session Frequency Person*hours/week
CA Montreal 10 8 Biweekly 40
DE Göttingen 4 4 Monthly 4
FR (92) Puteaux 8 4+4 Weekly (2 events) 64
GR Athens 5 6 Weekly 30
RU Tomsk 6* 5 Weekly 30
RU Moscow 23* 6 Weekly 115+
SE Linköping 12.5(A)+5(B) 2(A)+5(B) Weekly 50
SG Singapore 10 5 3 per month 35
UK Guildford 16 3 Biweekly 24
UK Oxford 4 2 Monthly* 2
US (32) Crestview, FL 8 5+3 Weekly* 64
US (48) Detroit, MI area 6 4+4 Biweekly (2 events) 24
US (60) Chicago, IL area 4 5 Weekly 20
US (60) DeKalb, IL 5 5 Weekly 25
US (90) Los Angeles, CA 4 4 Never* 0
US (94) Danville, CA 12 8 Biweekly 48
VN Hanoi 6 3.5 Biweekly 10.5

Upcoming World Riichi Championship Tournament

First off, a little introduction since not everyone is aware of what’s currently the hot topic in the western Mahjong hemisphere:

The French Riichi Mahjong club TNT is organizing the first ever “World Riichi Championship” (WRC) in Paris between the 16th and 20th of July this year. The tournament is scheduled to battle it out with 120 players in 14 hanchan during that time. There is a country-quota system in place which allocates 50 seats to Japanese and 50 seats to European players. The remaining 20 seats are delegated to China, Korea, the Americas and “the rest of the world”.

Your name could be written here!

Your name could be written here!

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Unofficial LIVE WRC 2014 NA Qualifier Rankings

Just posting this to beat USPML/whoever at the rankings

Stream link:  http://www.twitch.tv/uspml

Player 1st game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score 2nd game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score 3rd game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score 4th game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score 5th game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score 6th game Tenhou Score Qualifier Score Tenhou Total Qualifier Total
Drballon 54 34 14 14 14 14 1 1 63 43 -28 -18 118 88
JoeyV -23 -13 52 32 72 52 -22 -12 -52 -42 59 39 86 56
SakiTaco -18 -8 -15 -5 51 31 -20 -10 25 25 2 2 25 35
鳳雛ちゃん -23 -13 -43 -33 51 31 52 32 51 31 -24 -14 64 34
Panda84 6 6 49 29 -49 -39 -36 -26 42 22 41 21 53 13
Dasuke -33 -23 51 31 -43 -33 6 6 8 8 4 4 -7 -7
ThomasR 47 27 9 9 14 14 -33 -23 -37 -27 -35 -25 -35 -25
治子37―564 -49 -39 -16 -6 -22 -12 52 32 10 10 -24 -14 -49 -29
RJAlpha 18 18 -37 -27 0 0 -19 -9 -36 -26 13 13 -61 -31
綾人神名 41 21 -24 -14 -19 -9 51 31 -45 -35 -37 -27 -33 -33
Scott -29 -19 -50 -40 -23 -13 5 5 -14 -4 46 26 -65 -45
tadaru復活 9 9 10 10 -46 -36 -37 -27 -15 -5 -17 -7 -96 -56