Benjamin Boas Leads in First Session of Good Players Club Tokyo Chomeijin

About GPC
Good Players Club is run by Katayama Masayuki and Baba Hirokazu and organizes public leagues and tournaments throughout Japan. Anyone who is a ‘productive member of society’, not a Jangoro (basically a hardcore mahjong gambler) and agree with their charter:

1: Good Players appreciate their opponents.
2. Good Players only criticize themselves.
3. Good Players have good humour.

are able to join.

In addition to their public leagues, they have a Chomeijin League in Tokyo and Kansai that’s only open to celebrities.

GPC 2015 - 1 out of 9 Sessions Played
Rank Name Total Games Played
1 Benjamin Boas (Mahjong Researcher) 152.4 4
2 Daisuke Takahata (Sega) 125.9 4
3 Koshiba Tetsuya(Mangaka) 87.7 4
4 Kazuhiko Tsuchiya(Announcer) 79.1 4
5 Hirokazu Baba(Writer) 57.4 1
6 Nobuyuki Fukumoto(Mangaka) 39.8 4
7 Nao Oikawa(Actress) 29.9 4
8 Tsuyoshi Koyama(Voice Actor) 28.4 4
9 Shinichi Oota(Keirin Cyclist) 24.1 4
10 Mitsuki Kono(Igo Professional) 18.8 4
11 kouji Shinasaka(Mangaka) 14.8 4
12 Manabu Senzaki(Shogi Professional) 2.4 2
13 Yoshitaka Munehiro(Horse Racing Pundit) -4.5 3
14 Keiji Hanasaki(Author) -40.9 1
15 Tomihiko Tokunaga(Sriptwriter) -56 4
16 Ryan Morris(Translator) -59.4 4
17 Masayuki Katayama(Mangaka) -60.1 2
18 Hiroyuki Murta(Mangaka) -82.2 4
19 Ginji Hideo(Singer) -153.6 4
20 Eri Mizuki(Substitute) -216 3

Full results:

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Unified Mahjong Terminology

Every time a new mahjong site pops it, it seems a new set of terminology is invented. To stop confusion we at Osamuko have created a new set of terminology for Japanese Mahjong. We will be updating all our posts with it in the coming years. We hope that other sites will also use it, but they probably won’t. Below is the list in Kanji – Romaji – UMT order

吃 – チー – chi – eat
碰 – ポン – pon – bump
槓 – カン – kan – bar
栄 – ロン – ron – glory

立直 – riichi – stand straight
七対子 – chiitoitsu – seven pairs
流し満貫 – nagashi mangan – drained slam
門前清自摸和 – menzenchintsumohou – doorfront pure self pick win
一発 – ippatsu – one shot
海底撈月 – haiteiraoyue – pull moon from the bottom of the sea
河底撈魚 – houteiraoyui – pull fish from the bottom of the river
嶺上開花 – rinshankaihou – flower blooms on mountaintop
搶槓 – chankan – snatched bar
双立直 – daabururiichi – double stand straight
平和 – pinfu – flat win
一盃口 – iipeikou – one cup mouth
三色同順 – sanshokudoujun – three colors same arrangement
一気通貫 – ikkitsuukan – one breath pierce through
二盃口 – ryanpeikou – two cup mouths
対々和 – toitoihou – matched win
三暗刻 – sanankou – three hidden quarters
三色同刻 – sanshokudoukou – three colors same quarter
三槓子 – sankantsu – three bars
断么九 – tanyaochuu – snapped terminals
役牌 – yakuhai – position tiles
混全帯么九 – hunchantaiyaochuu – mixed all carrying terminals
純全帯么九 – junchantaiyaochuu – pure all carrying terminals
混老頭 – honroutou – mixed old men
小三元 – shousangen – small three origins
混一色 – honiisou – mixed one color
清一色 – chiniisou – pure one color
国士無双 – kokushimusou – patriot without parallel
国士無双13面 – kokushimusoujuusanmen – patriot without parallel 13 faces
四暗刻 – suuankou – four hidden quarters
四暗刻単騎 – suuankoutanki – four hidden quarters single mount
大三元 – daisangen – big three origins
小四喜 – shousuushi – small four happinesses
大四喜 – daisuushi – big four happinesses
字一色 – tsuuiisou – characters one color
清老頭 – chinroutou – pure old men
緑一色 – ryuuiisou – green one color
九蓮宝燈 – chuurenpoutou – nine lotuses and treasured lanterns
純正九蓮宝燈 – junseichuurenpoutou – perfect nine lotuses and treasured lanterns
四槓子 – suukantsu – four bars
天和 – tenhou – heavenly win
地和 – chihou – earthly win

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English Online Mahjong Events

PML Mugboney Mug

After 4 long months the PML Mugboney Mug Team tournament finally ended, the winner was Team /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ (Pronounced ‘keiyaku’). The tournament had 20 3 player teams, and was sponsored by the Pacific Mahjong League and This was the 2nd tournament organized by the Bugmoney team, for more events organized by them please keep an eye on!


The 3rd season of the World Riichi Mahjong League is nearing the end with 1 week remaining. Puyo (8D) is currently leading with a whopping 377.3 while 2nd and 3rd have 199.8 and 197.9 respectively

Full scores are:

Rank Name Points
1 Puyo 377.3
2 Benawii 199.8
3 Osamu 197.9
4 Cliff 138.9
5 xkime 111.5
6 XSA -28.9
7 fallensoul -93.8
8 Muller -110.8
9 Yazphier -122.6
10 oldpier -221.3
11 Kyuu -227.5
12 selfeater -300.5

The final games take place this Sunday (OR Saturday if you’re in North America) at 6AM UK time and the winner will take home $100. There will be a livestream at

The WRML are also looking for players for the next season, if you’re interested and are 4dan or higher on Tenhou, you can register your interest here:

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TOHAI Episode 1 (English Subs)

I’ve finally finished subing the first episode of manga-based mahjong live action dorama TOHAI.

Never heard of it? From AnimeNewsNetwork:

Gōki Maeda (Gakko ja Oshierarenai!) will star in the film as K, and Akane (of Girl(s) ACTRY) will play Amina, the illegal foreign girl he is looking after. Hidekazu Ichinose (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!‘s Gokudera) will play K’s rival Dōjima, and Satoshi Ichijō (Kamen Rider Ryuki) will play Seki, the man who introduces K to the underworld of mahjong. Other cast members include Ayu Higashi, Motoki Fukami, Masato Yoshizawa, Gan Iwata, and Yasukaze Motomiya. Yūichi Onuma (Nude, Musubime) is directing the film and writing the script.

The manga follows a high school boy named “K” and his battles in the underworld of mahjong with high stakes and lives on the line. Shinasaka launched the first Tōhai series in Young Champion in 2006, and he then began the currently-running series, Tōhai: Hitobashira-hen, in 2011. The first series has 12 volumes, while the fourth volume of the current series shipped on January 18.



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A silly update post with news…

You might be aware of the leagues and tournaments we’re hosting, as well as what’s going on with mahjong internationally, but I I’m here to bring you the smaller updates that didn’t make the front page! Translated mahjong manga, subtitled mahjong dorama, Houou players, tenhou backgrounds and more.


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[Montreal (QC), Canada] 1st North American Riichi Open

Welcome to all,

I am proud to present to you the 1st North American Riichi Open that will be held in Montreal!

Date: June 13 and 14, 2015.
Time: 0900 to 1730, Saturday and Sunday.
Location: Collège de Maisonneuve, room E-3313.
Address: 3800, Sherbrooke Street East, Montréal (Québec) H1X 2A2
Format: 8 hanchan of 90 minutes.
Rules: Japanese Mahjong, competitive ari-ari style. More details below.
Registration: By e-mail, at and responding to the provided registration form.
Cost: $40 (about 32 USD), paid in advance at the club or by Paypal.


The tournament will consist of an 8-game competition (hanchan, 4 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday) and registration is open to all. It will be held at the “Collège Maisonneuve” (3800, rue Sherbrooke Est (métro station Pie-IX)) and the registration cost is 40 $, with two lunches included.

The number of registrations is limited to 32 for the moment. We wish to welcome all participants from Montreal, from Canada, from the United States and beyond.

To contact the organization:
Accepted payments: Either in cash during a club meet or by Paypal in advance. Please contact us before paying. Registration is open until May 18.
Location: 3800, Sherbrooke Street East, Montréal, QC — Entrance on de Bourbonnière — Métro station Pie-IX

Read More update – accurate rank/pt now available

As some of you who use Tenhou may have noticed, the (“Tenhou ranking tool”) service is finally living up to its name. I have added estimation of player rank/pt according to the current information provided by Tenhou. By setting the correct date range in the query, this turns out to be extremely reliable.

A nice application of this feature is for you yourself to link people to an up to date player record, just as KyuuAA and Yazphier have done in their user pages on the wiki:

I have also added some detailed breakdown by hour and day-of-the-week for player statistics. A full description of all this stuff can be found on the news page.


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Interview with Simon from Chuuren Potos Jansou (Marseille [FR])

Last November, Simon proceeded to open a business: a jansou in Marseille, France. We had a chance to interview him back in November, and are releasing the content of the interview on Our interview was conducted live on IRC in front of a digital audience: this implies that separate lines have been separated by three dashes (rendered as an em dash) and that some responses may be slightly out of chronological order by a few seconds. Irrelevant comments were removed, but relevant interjections from the IRC channel were welcome and present below.


♦Senechal: Anyways, to not make things difficult, I’ll probably just go through the question list I sent before and whatever comes up spontaneously we’ll find a way to work it in
♠Simon: Fine with me — I didn’t prepare any answers though so I may lag a bit..
♦Senechal: no problem — First of all, before we hit the questions part, tell us about Chuuren Potos, the first public jansou in Europe and only active one outside Asia.

♠Simon: I think we will all agree to say that mahjong, especially riichi, is just starting out outside of Japan. — In Europe it is mostly represented by organizations which aim at federating clubs. — Clubs in themselves are available in most major cities, so if you are a player you should be able to find some place where you can hit the table. — But what is mahjong remains a bit blurry. — What we wanted to do was to show people arround us what it is IRL. — and that’s what we try to focus on. — So this jansou is supposed to be not only a place to play but also to discover “the wonderful world of mahjong” if I may use this overused figure. (more…)

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