何をuld you 切る?+ ERC

何をuld you 切る?+ ERC


Due to being busylazy, we haven't published the answers to the quiz until now. We apologize for the inconvenience to our dear readers. orz
You can find the answers to the quiz now at the end of this article.
Thanks to Ben for providing us with the answers!

As some of you probably know, the ECR (European Riichi Championship) Tournament, which my humble self attended to, was held for the second time after 2 years during the last weekend in Hannover, Germany.
Expect a more detailed write-up of my experiences and antics during those 3 days once I un-lazy a bit more.

On Friday evening, prior to the actual games on Saturday and Sunday, a 3 hour strategy workshop was being held, which is the actual focus of this post.

The workshop was planned and executed by none other than Takunori Kajimoto himself, member of the Mahjong Museum Committee, Pro-Mahjong TV-commentator and practically a Mahjong-Legend in general. Besides him, as the main speaker and voice (translator) of Kaji was -the among gaijins no less legendary- Mahjong Researcher Benjamin Boas. Both of them also served as head-referees for the tournament. Another Japanese Pro and actual player in the tournament, Mr. Y.T. also helped out here.

The venue was the upper floor of the jazz club, in a large, kind of theater-stage like room, while the actual games were played in the basement of mentioned club. About ~50 poeple in total attended the workshop.


The workshop consisted of a general discussion of several topics you can see written down on the easel below, a discard quiz, a showmatch with Kajimoto (and explanations/Q&A after each hand), as well as a closing Q&A session for general strategy-related questions.


The other 3 players of the show match were poeple that had the highest number of correct answers in the quiz.

As you can see, it turned out to be quite the Ponpalace.



While I have to say that I didn't exactly learn anything mind-blowing new from thr whole thing, some discussions that came up and some points were certainly interesting and got me to consider some stuff in a different light. Unfortunately, there was no summary handout or something about the topics that were being discussed.

If you're looking for expert advice, why don't you check out TRA's Tips or mou's advanced strategies?

Kaji also signed strategy books that were being sold (I also got myself one) and mahjong set cases if you asked him, here's a case of a Mahjong-mate of mine.

Lorizean, another denizen of #mahjong got himself a small Akagi Washizu-Mahjong set too.


So without further ado, let me come to the main point of this post: The Quiz. Everyone got a sheet of paper with the hands below and was to mark what to discard and if you riichi in the last 3 hands. It took many, including me, quite some time to think about it before finishing. Ben and Kaji also said the quiz was supposed to be quite difficult, as these questions were directed at Pros.

Now what do you think? Drop your answers and reasoning in a comment below. I will reveal the answers in about a week. I will also try to get in touch with Ben about actual explanations of the answers.

They didn't specify whether the quiz was meant to be considered with kuitan ari or nashi (EMA) rules. I actually suppose it's with kuitan ari, since they said these questions were aimed at actual Pros in Japan, where open tanyao is the norm. Also, note that the Dora: tile is the actual dora and not the indicator.

Hand 1

East 1st round, being south seat - Turn 5

3m4m6m8m8m5s7s7s2p4p4p7p8p 9p Dora: 6p

Hand 2

East 1st round, being south seat - Turn 5

1m1m3m5m4s4s6s3p4p6p7p2z2z 8p Dora: 4s

Hand 3

East 1st round, being south seat - Turn 5

7m8m3s5s5s7s8s3p5p5p7p7p9p 9s Dora: 2m

Hand 4

East 1st round, being south seat - Turn 5

1m1m3m4s4s6s1p2p3p3p5p7p7p 2p Dora: 8s

Hand 5

East 1st round, being east seat - Turn 8

2m3m4m4p5p6p7p2s3s7s8s8s9s 8p Dora: 6z

Hand 6

East 1st round, being east seat - Turn 8

1m1m2m4p4p5p6p7p6s7s7s8s9s 9p Dora: 7s

Hand 7

East 1st round, being east seat - Turn 8

3m5m6p6p7p9p9p7s8s9s9s1z1z 8p Dora: 9s

Hand 8

East 1st round, being east seat - Turn 8

2m4m6m2p3p4p5p5p3s4s6s6s6s 7s Dora: 6z

Hand 9

East 1st round, being east seat - Turn 8

2m4m6m3p4p6p7p8p5s6s7s8s8s 8s Dora: 6z

Hand 10

East 1st round, being east seat - Turn 8

1m1m6m7m8m5p5p7p1s1s1s7s8s 9s Dora: 6z
Riichi? Y/N

Hand 11

East 1st round, being east seat - Turn 8

2m2m4m3p4p4p4p5p1s1s1s2s3s 4s Dora: 6z
Riichi? Y/N

Hand 12

East 1st round, being east seat - Turn 8

2m3m4m5p6p7p8p4s4s5s5s6s7s 8s Dora: 6z
Riichi? Y/N

The Answers

Unfortunately, our main ``osamuko translator'' was too busy to work on the explanations which accompanied the document Ben sent, so here are just the raw answers.
You can find the original answers document with explanations here. ((´Д`;)Osamu orz)
Feel free to translate them if your 日本語 is good enough and share your translation with the osamuko folks. If you are struggling with some of the weird Mahjong-specific terms, check UmaiKeikis dictionary or drop a comment.

Actually, faithful Osamuko follower and bronze-member xKime already translated the whole thing in like 2 days. You get grab it here.
Thank's a bunch! ( ´・ω・)つ

Hand 1: 7s

Hand 2: 5m

Hand 3: 7p

Hand 4: 3m

Hand 5: 8s

Hand 6: 2m

Hand 7: 6p

Hand 8: 7s

Hand 9: 2m

Hand 10: 7p and Riichi!

Hand 11: 4pwithout Riichi.

Hand 12: 4swithout Riichi.