WAML Season 1 is underway

Hello to everyone on Osamuko! Most people are aware of the World Amateur Mahjong League’s ongoing effort to create a mahjong league on Tenhou that you are free to participate in. We have had 2404 games played over 2 months, with 117 people playing over 20 games each. (We had something like 550 unique IDs take part). Thanks to everyone! New players are always welcome to join at any time.

Original post

In case there was any confusion concerning the league start date, it was for January 1, at 0000JST. The final tables for wildcard promotions are on the 5th at 2200GMT (6th at 0700JST). For those, you have to be present in the IRC channel at the designated time.

For everyone and everything else, playing Season 1 games is just like playing Season 0 games: just show up in the 7447 lobby on Tenhou and play hanchan games (right side) in the following modes: ari-ari (2nd), ari-ari + red (3rd), as well as ari-ari + red + fast (4th). League rankings as usual can be found here.

Quick reminder:

  • You still need 20 new games to keep your place in league from now to the end of February. You must use a Tenhou handle, the same one for things to count.
  • New players with 20 games will rise to C-level in Season 2.
  • Top quarter promotes, bottom quarter demotes.
  • There will be wild card tables at the start of March for Season 1. Those for Season 0 are this Saturday.

The point calculations are slightly more complicated, compensating for playing with higher-rated players or not. I’ll explain more in a future post on mahjong-league.com this week. The calculations are already properly made on the ranking pages.