Troll Girls

Troll Girls

From time to time the denizens (or whatever you want to call us) of #Osamuko’s IRC channel begin playing games. Whether it is a loli text-based RPG, or a battle among Gods, there are plenty of sites that we frequent when we want to take a break from the epic battles we have at the mahjong tables every day. So, here is the next thing: Sword Girls.

Sword Girls is an online TCG written in flash to work for any browser (no downloads or heavy clients). You can craft any card in the game for free, though paying has its benefits. There are regular events, daily quests, and even cash prizes for the elite. And the fun part? They cards are all girls.


There is also a random factor to it, and the fights have a nice flow (no more than 5 minutes for really hard fights). Dungeons, bosses, mining, you can even gift cards to your girl so she’ll evolve.

Did I mention the random factor? There are awesome cards out there that can change the course of the game. Swap Spell, which might as well have a troll face attached to it, Sister’s Letter, Shrink, oh, and it’s always fun when your opponent has a highly buffed character and you ran out of removals, and all you can do is watch your sword girls attack the wrong target… repeatedly, embarking into suicidal missions.

So, yeah, join us at the IRC and ask for a Fight!

Also, this is a sorry excuse for an April post.