We’ve been playing quite a bit of Touhou Online Battle since it surfaced on /jp/. Ironically enough the link was originally posted in a thread about failed /jp/ projects. It caught on and the server logged about ~10000 matches in the few days before the reset. The game server just wiped today and everyone’s busy grinding their little girls to cross bullets on the fields of justice.

The gameplay is pretty much self-explanatory but it may take you quite a few games to figure out the intricacies. There are only two resources to manage, HP and MP, and two ultimate choices, to defend/evade (and regenerate MP) or to attack/shoot (and trade MP for HP). Even so, the interactions with an opponent are interesting enough that we’re still cheering our touhous onto higher levels.

Even with all the mindgames, it’s a simple game to get into and each match only lasts a few minutes at most, making it easier to cram a few games in between getting stuff done. The chatbox is actually alive and everyone seems friendly enough, a sight less common among games inherently based around RNGs.

I rolled up a Satori earlier and did pretty well with her playing a laid-back defensive style. This time I was handed my very own Hong Meiling and see no reason to hand her in. Even though she seems a little weaker straight up, her stats allow more dynamic mindgames (ie just mash defend all the time and hope my opponent does something stupid). All in all, not too bad for a fast-paced game still in early development, especially if you like dueling little girls with unlimited ammunition.


Here’s what our eminent pundits have to say about the game:

I have no emotional connection with Tenshi

>fail to evade
>fail to evade
>fail to evade

How can you still be playing that D:
It distracts you from mahjong.

>no rumia

0-2 ;__;