Tenhou Rank

Tenhou Rank

This time I thought I wouldn’t be self-centered for the first time in a while, and make a post about something else that has gotten us a bit… excited maybe? Anyway:


A few hours ago, ASAPIN has been the first human being to achieve a Tenhou rank in 4p at Tenhou. His comments were “I’m serious, I have never been this happy in my whole life, I’m almost crying. I’ll go call  my parents.”


Looking good, huh?

This is a great event, and I expect more 10 dan players are going to aim  for Tenhou rank harder now. Maybe tsuno could create a new table for  Tenhou players?

Anyhow, be sure to follow him at twitter!


(This is kinda a translation… I did have to read all of this off Japanese twitters, so… yeah, thought I’d share it)