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And we’re still stumbling about like newborn babes! I found this little gem in my logfile of enormousness:

[17:24] Osamu|sleep> I’m gonna create a blog
[17:24] Osamu|sleep> probably won’t be helpful since I suck
[17:31] MOUIKKAI> make it
[17:31] MOUIKKAI> we will all contribute random crap
[17:32] MOUIKKAI> groupblog

[17:58] MOUIKKAI> theres just one minor issue
[17:58] MOUIKKAI> now that i think of it
[17:59] Osamu|sleep> hmm?
[17:59] @Trantez> off shore chance it becomes a hit and you have now load balance issues?
[18:02] MOUIKKAI> no
[18:02] MOUIKKAI> not a single one of us is actually qualified to write anything on mahjong
[18:02] MOUIKKAI> given that we’re horribad

[01:44] Osamu|dead> tacosawake: About the blog
[01:44] Osamu|dead> We could just post screenshots and explain our moves
[01:44] Osamu|dead> Probably won’t help good players
[01:47] Osamu|dead> or we could create a huge wiki like that
[01:48] tacosawake> what moves?
[01:48] tacosawake> the thing is
[01:48] Osamu|dead> discards
[01:48] tacosawake> half the time i don’t even know what i’m doing
[01:48] Osamu|dead> ha
[01:48] tacosawake> TRA or scip might be better there
[01:48] tacosawake> or UmaiKeiki
[01:49] UmaiKeiki> w
[01:49] UmaiKeiki> that is what’s cool about gambling games
[01:49] UmaiKeiki> last night I played poker and my strategy was this:
[01:49] UmaiKeiki> roll a dice each hand
[01:49] UmaiKeiki> if high 50%, raise all bets
[01:49] UmaiKeiki> if low 50%, fold
[01:49] UmaiKeiki> and I won big time
[01:49] tacosawake> limit or no limit?
[01:49] UmaiKeiki> no limit
[01:49] Osamu|dead> tacosawake teach me poker
[01:50] TRA> Tip: If you have 35p and get a 6p, discard the 3p
[01:50] Osamu|dead> woah!
[01:50] Osamu|dead> I’ve been discarding the 6
[01:50] Senaway> o_O
[01:50] UmaiKeiki> O_o
[01:50] tacosawake> high level tip: if you have 35p and get a 6p, if you discard the 3p people will know, so discard the 6p
[01:50] TRA> Well that’s why you have a losing streak.
[01:50] Osamu|dead> see
[01:51] Osamu|dead> I’m high level
[01:51] UmaiKeiki> I would like to see osamuko teach mahjong
[01:51] Osamu|dead> She’s busy
[01:51] UmaiKeiki> How to avoid dealing into Tenhous
[01:51] Osamu|dead> Doing whatever the young pros are doing
[01:51] Osamu|dead> protip: Get a tenhou first
[01:51] tacosawake> tip: do not play with a guy called akagi
[01:52] tacosawake> no matter what odds he gives you
[01:52] tacosawake> do not under any circumstances bet your destruction