Hi mahjongers all around the world. It’s Deniz from Turkey, the guy in charge of mahjong here. Luckily I can name myself that because our numbers here in Turkey don’t add up to much… Nice to be on board here on Osamuko. Glad to have joined in, I’m sure I will be able to entertain everyone with my first hand experiences around Japan over the course of last year. But that, I plan to do later. For now I got some better news.

I just finished subbing an episode of Shin Janki. To put it shortly for those who aren’t familiar with it, the series Shin Janki consist of 19 episodes of real-action drama telling Sakurai Shouichi’s mahjong experiences in Japan in the 70’s. For those who aren’t familiar with Sakurai San, or commonly known as Shou-chan, he is the guy that went undefeated for 20 years in the ruthless underworld of the yakuza, mostly through his amazing cheating techniques. The name “Janki” also refers to him, and although I’m not 100% sure about this, I’m pretty much confident that Jankiryu style, which was previously mentioned on this blog, originates from this guy.

If you’re looking to peek into the old scenes of mahjong full of gambling and cheating, this is the series for you. For now I could only sub one episode and I picked one of my favorites which happens to be episode 11. Here we got a youngster named Nakahara Seiya starting to learn how to be a rep player, so expect some nice training scenes with his teacher Joujima. You don’t need to see any of the previous episodes to watch this one.

I will be subbing more of these eventually, but I don’t know when I will get to that. Doesn’t mean you can’t watch the rest in Japanese though, as there are a lot of mahjong scenes, and you can just skip the talks to get to those game scenes.

Here are the links to the movie:



Here is the latest link to the subtitle:


My Japanese isn’t perfect by any means, nor is English my native language, so expect a few mistakes in my translations. If you got any corrections you can let me know here by writing in the comments!

Enjoy watching!

Some extra info:

Shimizu Kentarou is the lead actor playing Sakurai Shouichi. He is also a singer (or used to be), most commonly known with the song “Shitsuren Restoran”. Now however, he happens to be in jail for smoking pot or something. I had plans to visit him in prison but I had to leave Japan early after the earthquake. Next time I go, I’m definitely trying my chances.