RIVAL場外戦 IN天鳳 春場所 - Now with Replays and Videos

RIVAL場外戦 IN天鳳 春場所 - Now with Replays and Videos

Sorry for the shitty unpolished post, have to publish it so I can get up in time for it.

Last time I posted about a championship on Tenhou I was asked to post things like this sooner so I’m posting this a day before the event! I’m talking about the “RIVAL jyougaisen IN tenhou harubasho”, you’ve probably seen the ad on tenhou. I’ll play if Harold Camping is wrong and I’ll dump the logs here or in a new post. I was thinking of streaming my games there but my microphone is broke would you guys want to watch them while listening to music and chatting in IRC (irc://irc.rizon.net/osamuko)?

TACOS UPDATE: The tournament starts 10AM GMT which is some hours away, and for those who can’t catch it live, despair not – the live stream will be recorded.

OSAMU UPDATE: http://www.justin.tv/osamuko currently eating breakfast so I’ll probably play in half an hour, 19:30 JST or 11:30 GMT, feel free to listen to tenhou’s cool championship bgm.

OSAMU UPDATE 2 I messed up and put a password on the stream, it’s gone now.

Information about the championship:
You need to have at least 3 days of premium to enter
Kuitan Ari
Aka dora
Time: 5+10 seconds
Shuugi: 1 shuugi = 2000 points (no idea how these work in championships)
Kiriage Mangan ari
flip kan dora immediately
Tochuuryuukyoku nashi
Agari yame ari
Tenpai yame nashi
Sudden Death nashi

if sudden death is nashi then the game ends in the last round even… if everyone is below 30k


05/21 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052119gm-0209-10011-bed212cd&tw=2
4位 C:mittens(-57.0,-2枚) D:アフロサムライ(+9.0,+2枚) A:D-BOY_(-23.0,0枚) B:Noix(+71.0,0枚)

05/21 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052119gm-0209-10011-a9f488ab&tw=3
1位 D:mittens(+60.0,+7枚) A:雲Cloudy(-47.0,-7枚) B:taka-c(+8.0,0枚) C:Ⓢウェルドラゴン(-21.0,0枚)

05/21 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052120gm-0209-10011-47c2217f&tw=1
1位 B:mittens(+53.0,0枚) C:いでおん!(-51.0,-8枚) D:hirosikg(+22.0,+7枚) A:ⓈチャイナB(-24.0,+1枚)

05/21 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052121gm-0209-10011-6f71f33e&tw=0
1位 A:mittens(+54.0,+5枚) B:Ⓢイーソー@近藤(-52.0,-7枚) C:あらすか(+10.0,+1枚) D:もう何も恐くない(-12.0,+1枚)

05/21 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052121gm-0209-10011-4d56f278&tw=2
1位 C:mittens(+53.0,+2枚) D:club中(-20.0,-1枚) A:Ⓢイーソー@近藤(+19.0,+1枚) B:黒☆猫(-52.0,-2枚)

05/21 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052122gm-0209-10011-c0aee05c&tw=1
3位 B:mittens(-31.0,-2枚) C:あい2世(+10.0,+5枚) D:Ⓢじゃんとぴあ(-58.0,-6枚) A:o刹那o(+79.0,+3枚)

05/21 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052122gm-0209-10011-0359f434&tw=1
3位 B:mittens(-13.0,-1枚) C:gokuraku(+92.0,+11枚) D:とけいじょい(+9.0,+7枚) A:o刹那o(-88.0,-17枚)

05/21 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052122gm-0209-10011-5fcee2e5&tw=3
4位 D:mittens(-44.0,-1枚) A:taka-c(-22.0,-7枚) B:Niel(+6.0,-4枚) C:ⓈLバード@刈谷(+60.0,+12枚)

05/21 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052123gm-0209-10011-d2075240&tw=0
3位 A:mittens(-20.0,+1枚) B:Niel(+8.0,+1枚) C:ⓈLバード@刈谷(+53.0,+5枚) D:安中さん(-41.0,-7枚)

05/21 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052123gm-0209-10011-de374c3a&tw=0
2位 A:mittens(+14.0,-1枚) B:Niel(-25.0,-5枚) C:PAOLO(-43.0,-6枚) D:V・Hyde(+54.0,+12枚)

05/22 | 牌譜 | C0011 若南喰赤祝2 | http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2011052200gm-0209-10011-08cd431f&tw=2
3位 C:mittens(-24.0,+1枚) D:ⓈMグループ(+55.0,+1枚) A:みみのこ(+9.0,+1枚) B:あらすか(-40.0,-3枚)

Videos: http://www.justin.tv/osamuko/videos