Osamuko OTP Tournament

The 23rd of July will the next instalment of tournaments by the osamuko discord be delivered and this time it’s an Open Pair Tournament. Where each game will be a battle between two teams in the form of a double elimination tournament for maximum excitement.

As we expect participants from all around the globe has two qualifications been decided. These will be in the form of danish swiss and will be between 3 and 6 rounds depending on the count of registrants. Registration is now open here and we need your registration before the 21th! For those who cannot find a teammate, feel free to seek us out in the #event channel on the discord.

Qualification 1 July 22nd 19:00 July 23rd 02:00 July 23nd 11:00
Qualification 2 July 23rd 03:00 July 23rd 10:00 July 23nd 19:00
Double Elimination July 23rd 16:00 July 23rd 23:00 July 24th 08:00
* Lobby C31949612 on [tenhou](http://tenhou.net/0/?C31949612) * Start and target score : 25,000 * Uma [5/5/5/-15] * Aka ari, 1 red five in each suit * Tobi ari, busting results in automatic loss for the team * Agariyame/Tenpaiyame nashi, last dealer must continue their wind * Shaaba nashi, no west round**EDIT: ** Uma has been updated.

Some updates;
The registration has been closed and the team list is as follows:

Qualification 1 [challonge], 3/6 will qualify:

  • Tenhou doori no Kaidanjitachi; FKMTクレイジ, Hereford
  • Osiris; わざα, bk201
  • S’pore Cali Connection; DogBite, 241
  • Nagoya; omasakun, 7
  • Neptunia; Harmonix, unione
  • Takoyaki; Nate., toast

Qualification 2 [challonge], 4/8 will qualify:

  • Great Supine Protoplasmic Invertebrate Jellies; SCOTLAND, 二階堂夢乃
  • Lion’s Ridge; 天下無双, Rinshan7
  • Princess Debut; 原外桃, Jiemei
  • NoticeMeTenpai; Tinecro, Guriido
  • 双箭刻; LuckSack, MrFeng
  • Irodorangers; 石壁, むいれうぇっど
  • BlueHairBoys<3; KajzerJ, d(0.0;)b
  • I know kan fu.; Skor, (/_;)

The best non-qualifying player from both qualification will be picked for last qualification slot.

Qualification has ended:

**Tenhou doori no Kaidanjitachi****Princess Debut**
**双箭刻****I know kan fu.**
- ***双箭刻*** won the cross qualification with only a few more points than their main challenger ***S’pore Cali Connection***

Challonge for the elimination round can be viewed here.