Mahjong News #6

Mahjong News #6

We haven’t had a news post in a while have we? Some of this news will certainly be old news because I’m just adding stuff until it is an acceptable amount (200 words!)

Sakura Taikai

Registrations opened this week for what is perhaps Europe’s oldest mahjong tournament. It’s in the Netherlands, costs €20 to register and whoever is running is cool because they link to this blog.



On the topic of big tournaments, Mahjong aficionados most likely watched the niconico streams for Saikyousen, which has, maybe, been going on since July. Saikyosen ended last mont. The final table consisted of Yuudai Maehara, Kazutoshi Itagawa, Takeo Kojima and Asataro Nada, all of whom are Renmei 9dans. Kazutoshi Itagawa won.

Mahjong league

After the failure of the last league we put our best people to the task of creating a system that was easier to manage and easier for the players to play. I’ll post more about the league once.

Anyway! To promote the new league we are running a championship on tenhou.

[Tournament Name] 第1回 地球麻雀リーグ杯
[Date] 2011/12/17 9pm-5am GMT
[Prize] 1-3 Guaranteed place in the league and, maybe, free Tenhou premium for 1st.
[Rules] Standard Tenhou ruleset, kuitan ari, aka ari.
[Ranking] Player with the highest score wins. A player’s score is his best 3 consecutive games. For example, if a player had -23 +45 +53 +35 -45, his score would be +133
[Requirements] Only requirement is a tenhou ID.

Not a lot of information on such short notice I know, Sorry.  I’ll cross-post more information when I get off my lazy ass and when it’s not late at ni- early in the morning.


Takafumi Horie now has a manga called ‘Horiesenki KS4S’  in kindai mahjong that he is writing from prison. It’s apparently based on a real-life story but I’m sure Horiemon will get THREE chuuren in one night or other boring stuff like that.

In more interesting news, mudazumo has been back for a while now. So if you haven’t already get your scans at