London Mahjong club trial run (JanKenRon)

London Mahjong club trial run (JanKenRon)

Last Sunday, Gemma Sakamoto organised a trial mahjong get together in London.

Held in the basement of a Japanese restaurant, above 12 people attended. Three tables were in play at any time. Also 4-5 hanchans played from 10am to 6pm, including a break for lunch in between. The was an entrance fee of £10 per person and soft drinks and snacks were provided.

Discussion over the ruleset to be played held up the proceedings initially. I propose a check card of yes/no when sitting to play a hanchan for the next meeting.

The list below is by no means conclusive, but the idea is to print these out on to a business card, have all four players agree or majority vote for each point (Yes/No). Then have that card on the table for reference during the hanchan. If there are any disputes during play, any player can reference the card which they all agreed to.

Rule Yes No
Kuitan (open tanyao)
Abortive draws
Sekinin barai
8 renchan
If so, rate and uma
Red 5s
Round up 4 han to mangan
Nagashi mangan
Double yakuman
Continue after S4, if player score is not conclusive
Dead hand if incorrect call
Dead hand if knocked over tiles from wall

I’m sure I’m missing a few things, so please comment below.
How much are you willing to pay for the day? Entrance fee goes towards the restaurant hire.
Any more questions, please direct them to Gemma on Facebook. You can search for her yourself.

Decent venue. Good turnout for the first meeting. Pictures follow.