Locations to play Mahjong at in real life

Good evening readers of Osamuko, s25k speaking again!

I bet all of you have been playing online mahjong fairly often these days and that some are fed up fiddling around with Tenhou and the likes.

So you want to move further to … Real Life Mahjong?

I cannot offer you a trip to Japan for playing against the masters of the table, but I can still give you a list and hints where you can find the nice, eager to play and – in my eyes – competent players you can find on #osamuko from all around the globe.

This section is quite new, so be sure to check it again in a few weeks!

If you also want to be on the list or if you know places where you’re playing at, please write me an eMail (you can find the adress in the list) with all necessary information or visit the IRC-channel.

#osamuko Hall of Fame:


So this is myself. 24 years old. I’m always looking for motivated new players from around the area. I welcome everybody who’d like to enjoy playing with real tiles. But I’m also a fan of fast paced games, so watch out!

[![xkime, Buenos Aires, Argentina - nicobsas (at) gmail.com](https://i0.wp.com/i.imgur.com/p368B.jpg?resize=300%2C291 "xkime")](https://i0.wp.com/i.imgur.com/p368B.jpg)
xkime, The Americas / Buenos Aires, Argentina    e-mail: nicobsas (at) gmail.com


Born in 1991. Argentina, Capital. Parlor experience; encourages manners and fine play. Aiming for Phoenix Tables at tenhou. Patient and newbie-friendly group.

Tenhou User and Blog

Will be added to this section soon:

Senechal, Canada

NAB, Singapore

Mikoto, Stockholm, Sweden

Lorizean, Germany

Players and groups looking for players – the complete List:

(Known IRC-Channel visitors are marked with a ” # “)


  • UK

# David,Manchester

Contact via e-mail: David(at) osamuko.com, Website

# Bob2004, 20 years old, Cardiff

“Feel free to come along even if you don’t know how to play, I’m happy to teach you.”

Contact via eMail: alexevans2002004+mahjong (at) googlemail.com

koral, 21 years old, Oxford

“Used to play with some friends but they never got enough interest in the game. I have got my own Japanese set and a good foldaway table. Would be happy to meet any mahjong interested people for a game or a drink.”

Contact via eMail: forced.sage (at) Gmail.com

**Pingu, London.

**** “I’m based in London UK, would love to find some players for a regular live game.

I’m a 5Dan player on Tenhou with 600+ Hanchans logged and a rating high of 19XX.”

Contact via eMail: londonreachmahjong (at) gmail.com

  • Germany

# ron⁵, Frankfurt a.M.

Contact via IRC Channel

#s25k, 24 years old, Minden / Cologne

“If you live nearby and even if you don’t, feel free to drop me a message! Every player who enjoys playing is welcome.”

Contact via eMail: maajanbu (at) yahoo.de

  • France

GGzeOuf, 26 years old, Montpellier

“We gather twice or 3 times per month on saturday afternoon. The club consists of about 10 people, mostly begginers that are learning the game for a few months now and a couple of experienced players. Hence, novice and skilled players are welcome.”

Contact via eMail: ggzeouf (at) gmail.com and Facebook

  • Poland

**Szymon, **Warsaw

“We have Mahjong Club in Poland, Warsaw, with meetings every sunday to play and learn Mahjong. In case anyone would like to come and
play: we welcome everyone.”

Contact via eMail: archalv (at) gmail.com andFacebook

  • Sweden

drob, Växjö

“We’ve a budding mahjong club”

Contact via eMail: mahjong (at) azaz.se

The Americas:


  • Indonesia

Arie N., Malang

“We got a tile set, all of us are new on mahjong and we usually play once a week”

Contact via eMail: nobimed (at) yahoo.co.id