kbk48... Our first cheater

kbk48... Our first cheater

It is not a musical group composed of 48 girls from Kabuki-chou; in fact, it is just one sad cheater with quite a few accounts. One player, kbk+ has been using alternate accounts to assist himself (in a stupidly obvious way)  to win games at 7447. After losing a streak of games (because, quite honestly, he sucks at mahjong, life, and everything else), he decided to find his own way to win. Making sub-accounts like “geodude3” and “Broseph” to hand himself all tiles he needed. The problem is, our dear friend is too stupid to realize we can see his games and will can his ass.

If you are the cheater, kbk, read until the end. I have a message for you at the end of this post!

Right now WuMingZe is in a game with him just to catch him red handed once more.

This came to my attention during a visit at Brazilian anime forum, Minna Suki, where other players of the league were talking about their games with him. After further researching the content of his games, I found (and then posted in IRC) some discards that were getting increasingly suspicious, such as these:

(Point of View: Akagi5. Left: Broseph. Right: kbk+ (cheater). Front: Seito (MinnaSuki))

[00:31] xkime» This 新人 broke tenpai twice (though furiten the second time, obv) just to deal into East’s riichi
[00:32] xkime» WuMingZe WWYD if you were him http://pbrd.co/TAGWVo

[00:34] xkime» WuMingZe His answer: http://pbrd.co/TAH3k3 GENIUS

[00:37] xkime» WuMingZe Now think even more carefully! http://pbrd.co/TAHdrp WWYD!?

[00:37] WuMingZe» 5m?

[00:38] xkime» WuMingZe You obviously dont understand his “genius” http://pbrd.co/TAHrie

[00:38] WuMingZe» Nope
[00:38] WuMingZe» too deep for me
[00:38] Niko» what the
[00:38] Niko» 5m was safe
[00:38] Niko» what the
[00:38] Niko» sadoiasjdoasjdoasjdasojdaso
[00:38] xkime» Seems an awful lot like cheating!


[00:42] xkime» Oh
[00:42] xkime» wait
[00:42] xkime» he is very suspicious
[00:42] xkime» look at this
[00:43] xkime» He threw a red 5s forom within his hand, which he could use, to have it ponned by the same guy
[00:43] xkime» http://pbrd.co/TAHUkI

[00:44] WuMingZe» xkime, is this in league?
[00:44] WuMingZe» if it BAN!~
[00:44] WuMingZe» yea there is no reason to ditch 5s AFTER 4s
[00:45] Niko» unless he’s a complete retard, yeah xkime
[00:45] Niko» was he a noname or sth?


[00:46] xkime» lol, he tried to deal in but misread his wait http://pbrd.co/TAIbEe
[00:47] xkime» I mean, he broke 6 from his 345 456
[00:47] xkime» Wasnt even safe.
[00:47] xkime» w
[00:47] xkime» I am searching for more definite proof. w

[00:48] xkime» But those two are so bad they can barely ever get tenpai


[00:49] xkime» WuMingZe Woah, nice 4p from 345p to have it ponned
[00:49] xkime» http://pbrd.co/TAIy1w

[00:50] Niko» lol
[00:50] WuMingZe» yea..
[00:50] WuMingZe» even if you seriously suck
[00:50] WuMingZe» this is too suspicious


[00:50] xkime» OKay
[00:50] xkime» I have just confirmed it
[00:51] xkime» Well
[00:51] xkime» this very much confirms it
[00:51] xkime» Beyond reasonable doubt
[00:51] xkime» http://pbrd.co/TAIL4J

[00:52] xkime» What do you think now. w
[00:53] Niko» w
[00:53] WuMingZe» he took apart 23m
[00:53] WuMingZe» to deal in
[00:53] WuMingZe» w
[00:53] xkime» Yes
[00:53] xkime» but not at any moment
[00:54] xkime» right after he got tenpai

[00:54] WuMingZe» yea…this guy should be banned from league
[00:54] Niko» both
[00:54] Niko» w


[00:57] xkime» He did it again
[00:57] xkime» 45p, breaks 4p to have toimen pon it
[00:57] xkime» ….
[00:58] xkime» http://pbrd.co/TAJuD9

[00:58] xkime» HAHAHA
[00:59] xkime» now he has a ryanmen wait, so he doesn’t deal into himself, instead waits for someone else to do it
[00:59] xkime» I bet you that if someone reaches, he will do it
[00:59] xkime» Someone else dealt in before. Too bad


[01:02] xkime» Again, sashikomi. Draws and discards 5p from 45p for no reason.
[01:02] WuMingZe» anyway to get a name
[01:02] xkime» http://pbrd.co/TAK57H
[01:02] xkime» I will get their names now.


[01:06] xkime» Ahahaha
[01:06] xkime» FAIL
[01:06] xkime» FAIL
[01:06] WuMingZe» ?

[01:08] xkime» “Hm… My partner doesn’t have any 25p, but he does have a convenient 47m I can use to win on. Let’s change this wait!” http://pbrd.co/TAKCqi “Sure, here you go body.” “OH, NOOOO, FURITEEEEN, HOW COULD I FORGET” http://pbrd.co/TAKNSu

[01:09] WuMingZe» www
[01:10] WuMingZe» right after tenpai too?
[01:10] xkime» kbk+ is the cheater, Broseph is his help ID
[01:10] xkime» Yeah
[01:13] WuMingZe» its not like you to watch random replay esp. of people that suck
[01:13] WuMingZe» what made you check this one?

That is true. However, I am always amused by how retarded some people can be, even while cheating. I mean, one thing is wasting 10 minutes trolling in a Minecraft channel, but this guy has spent 40 minutes per hanchan, times a dozen, doing some really dumb shit. I mean, if you suck at mahjong, you have tools to get better, man. You don’t have to show us how much you suck at cheating, too!

Anyway, I researched this guy’s results:

3位 | L7447 | 2009-09-28 16:11 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | Saber4ch(+87) Tacos~su(-7) kbk+(-29) NoName(-51)
1位 | L7447 | 2010-10-12 07:50 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | kbk+(+51) Yuki~(+10) Saraphan(-22) Saber4ch(-39)
4位 | L7447 | 2010-12-22 21:08 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | Danboard(+61) Incest(+17) Skilley(-23) kbk+(-55)
1位 | L7447 | 2011-10-21 15:19 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | kbk+(+53) Hisa~(+10) Erionn(-23) V3(-40)
1位 | L7447 | 2011-10-22 16:07 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | kbk+(+51) Hisa~(+17) Miyakofa(-25) V3(-43)
4位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 13:12 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | Malachus(+58) GBtousai(+13) Danbo(-15) kbk+(-56)
4位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 13:26 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | Malachus(+67) Danbo(+8) ChalkedF(-19) kbk+(-56)

(At this point it seems like he fucked up and made one of his sub accounts win twice instead of his main. He realizes it. And the fun starts)
1位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 13:57 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | kbk+(+63) NoName(+7) ChalkedF(-20) Malachus(-50)
1位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 14:43 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | kbk+(+77) Tesuji(-5) Danbo(-30) Malachus(-42)
2位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 15:21 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | Akagi5(+60) kbk+(+12) VgameT(-20) Broseph(-52)
1位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 15:41 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | kbk+(+46) Akagi5(+12) Saito88(-9) Broseph(-49)
1位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 16:20 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | kbk+(+53) Akagi5(+6) homuhomu(-16) Chino(-43)
2位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 17:19 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | Gains(+55) kbk+(+20) Ako555(-15) geodude3(-60)
1位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 17:29 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | kbk+(+73) Akagi5(+7) Ako555(-16) geodude3(-64)
1位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 17:45 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | kbk+(+58) Ako555(+9) Akagi5(-16) geodude3(-51)
1位 | L7447 | 2012-12-30 18:04 | 四般南喰赤 |    |     | kbk+(+43) Ako555(+12) Akagi5(-14) geodude3(-41)

Not surprisingly, geodude3 and Broseph have a 100% 4th place rate.

Man, this geodude3 must have terrible luck. Same as Broseph. Oh, but Broseph was the one who kept giving him the tiles he needed. Oh, and guess what! They are doing the same thing right now in WuMingZe’s game.

Let’s make things clear:

I am not going to say “if you cheat, we will catch you” because that might not be true in all cases. But I can honestly say: If you cheat like a dumbass, we will catch you. Not only that, but you suck as a cheater, too! You are a joke. You don’t even know how to play two hands. You are terrible. Just quit mahjong already, because with cheats or without cheats, you suck beyond repair. Either come back with a new account and cheat in a more mysterious way, or don’t bother coming back because your scores do not count for us. Nor your main account’s, nor your sub accounts’. Just forget about it, it is useless. You are useless.