Jansou Mode Beta

Jansou Mode Beta

After being delayed last month, jansou mode beta is finally out! Since BPS is too busy to update his site here’s the list of rules for jansou mode and the list of CHAMPIONSHIP mode options I sent him months ago.


G: Every ID starts with one million G. Acts as a currency.
Shuugi: A form of “Tip” awarded by getting ippatsu/aka dora/ura dora and yakuman. You get either 0, 200 or 500G for every shuugi ‘point’ you have depending on game type. For example, in the 喰赤祝2 lobby, +5 points would be an extra 1000G while -5 would be -1000G.

– Uma is 10-30
– Kiriage mangan. 30fu 4han/60fu 3han = 8000/12000 instead of 7700/11600
– Kan dora flips immediately
– All tonpuusen games are fast tables (and all hanchan games are slow)
– In tonpuusen games the round wind is east AND west (thus 場風 西 is possible in east round)
– In tonpuusen games 1 honba/renchan counter is worth 1500 instead of 300
— 4p tonpuu = 1500/ 4p tonnan = 300/ 3p tonpuu = 1000/ 3p tonnan = 200
– Tonpuusen can’t go into south, Tonnansen can’t go into west
– No sudden death
– You get shuugi for ippatsu/aka dora/ura dora/yakuman
– You get shuugi for aka dora even if it’s in an open meld
– Shuugi for yakuman is 10 for ron and 5 all for tsumo
– Shuugi for yakuman cumulates. For example, tsuuiisou daisangen is 20 for ron and 10 all for tsumo
– Yakuman shuugi and ippatsu/aka/ura shuugi can also be combined. For example, suuankou with one aka dora = 11 for ron and 6 all for tsumo
– Kazoe yakuman alone is worth no shuugi
– In the event of a ‘pao’, the one responsible for it pays all shuugi.
※ There is no open riichi/all star/haku pocchi/special akapai/tobi shuugi/teppen

I have no idea what ‘All Star/オールスター’ is.
Haku Pocchi is a special haku (normally with a red dot in the middle) which can substitute any tile when you draw it after you have riichi’d.
Teppen is a set upper limit. For example, the game would end if the teppen is set at 60k and someone reaches 60k points

CHAMPIONSHIP Expansion rules (These are optional):

Select 使用する to view them.

protip: あり enables the option and なし disables it.

– Nagashi Mangan
– Kiriage Mangan
– Tobi – Allows people to go below 0 points without busting.
– Flip dora immediately after kan
– Suufonrenta ryuukyoku – same four winds discarded on the first go around
– Suukansanra ryuukyoku – four kans
– Suuchariiichi ryuukyoku – four riichis
– Kyuushukyuuhai ryuukyoku – have 9 different yaochuuhai (1, 9 and honour tiles) in starting hand. Optional if set to あり.
– Sancha ho – Triple ron
– Atamahane – head bump
– Agari yame – Game ends if oya is in first and wins a hand in oorasu
– Tenpai yame – Game ends if oya is in first and is tenpai during ryuukyoku
– Agari renchan – renchan if oya wins a hand
– Tenpai renchan – renchan if oya is in tenpai during ryuukyoku
– Shishagonyuu – ’rounding’ – ??????
– Ippatsu
– Double round wind * If set to あり then it’s possible to get 場風 西 in east round and 場風 北 in south round
– Sudden Death

– Start Points
– Necessary 1st points
– Seisan Genten – Used to calculate oka?
– Teppen
– Riichi Deposit
– Tsumi bou (renchan counters whatever)
– Noten punishment / 1 player in tenpai
– Noten punishment / 2 players in tenpai
– Noten punishment / 3 players in tenpai

Below that is shizumi uma stuff. Read the comments here for more information on that.