Apparently according to Osamu he’s been getting quite a few hits from people using terms like “plus minus zero”, so I am making a short post on this. If you are interested in emulating Saki’s feat of breaking even at the end of a match on tenhou, here are the score ranges you should aim for,

In a tonpuusen,

(+5) 2nd place – 24500 – 25400

(-5) 3rd place – 34500 – 35400

In a han chan,

(+10) 2nd place – 19500 – 20400

(-10) 3rd place – 39500 – 40400

These are the target score ranges for ±0 on tenhou. I’m quite content with the site and its interface and do not feel the need to poke around the new flavor-of-the-week mahjong clients, so your mileage with other rulesets may vary.

As you can see, due to the need to maintain a substantial positive score in third place, especially if you are playing a han chan, it is a lot easier to get ±0 finishing in second place, barring a huge hand resulting in a player busting out with a negative score.