IORMC Qualifiers (USA / Canada)

IORMC Qualifiers (USA / Canada)

The North American Riichi Mahjong Association is looking for players to field teams for the 2016 Interational Online Riichi Mahjong Competition. The nations of the United States and Canada are each looking to assemble teams for the November competition. The competition is hosted via So familiarity with Tenhou’s interface is encouraged.

Registration Form:

To qualify, players must play in at least two out of the four scheduled competitions. Any players may enter in more than two of the schedule. Only the top two qualification scores are considered. So, there is no harm for any player to enter in more than two. US players compete in one set of qualifications, while Canadian players compete in their own set of qualifications. Both the US and Canadian competitions will occur concurrently.

A total of four players per nation will be selected with two alternates. Good luck to all participants.

The competition schedule is as follows:

  • September 17
  • October 1
  • October 15
  • October 29

The times for each tryout competition is still pending.

The 2016 Interational Online Riichi Mahjong Competition is the sixth international team competition hosted by the Korean Mahjong League (KML). With each iteration, the competition has been growing year after year. The previous year hosted 6 national teams. This year, at least, thirteen teams are slated to participate. For more information on the IORMC itself, see here:

The IORMC is scheduled for November 5 @ 11 AM UTC, which is 4 AM Pacific time or 7 AM Eastern time.

To anyone unfamiliar with the Tenhou interface, instructions may be found here:
Beginner's guide

On behalf of NARMA, we express our thanks to the Korean Mahjong League for hosting the IORMC.