[FotM] Hyungjun Becomes a Progamer!

All of us have been playing quite a lot of Starcraft:Brood War recently for no reason. None of us actually played the game competitively (in any sense of the word) before – I recall reaching level 5-ish in the Terran campaign before giving up, back when I was twelve, and TRA is probably halfway through it now. Needless to say we are awfully awful.

Funny thing is, only because of the internet can we couple expert-level analysis and theorycraft from progamers and various internet pundits with our own abysmal mechanical control and execution. The result is a horrific comedy of errors that frequently makes me want to tear my hair out. And eat it.

By the way, don’t you hate it when you want to make more units because you are at 3000 minerals and have 12 idle larva just chilling out, but the overmind is growling at you to spawn more overlords first, and you just can’t help but ragespawn 3 overlords at once?

And that’s why we’re all watching this kind-of-funny, sometimes-cheesy, heartwarming tale of a singer from a famous boyband wanting to play professional Starcraft. Because there’s a little bit of him in all of us, when you lose a game and feel like you’re a failure as a human being, when you get cheesed out and shit just got real, when you roll over your opponents and can hear the lamentations of their women. Even as a top-tier celebrity on a reality show, his charm is really disarming, and you can’t help but genuinely like him and want him to succeed.

Thanks to the subbing team at Teamliquid, now everyone can cheer HyungJun from SS501 on his wacky foray into the pro e-sports scene.

You can find further episodes on the above link, or on their youtube account.