Hot off the presses: Swedish Riichi Open 2014 results

The Swedish Open Riichi Mahjong Championship 2014 has concluded, with 36 participants from at least 4 countries. We have the results, and we also have some information regarding the two seats that Sweden has been allocated for the WRC2014 in Puteaux, France later in July.

Paraphrasing Yazphier, Sweden has chosen to allocate the two seats separately: one is given to the best Swede who performed at the tournament below, and the other is given to the best Swede in the EMA rankings after this event. There is some uncertainty as to who is actually going as many people have signaled not knowing if they can go, and others who have notified the event organizers (dunno if it made it to the Swedish org) that they will be unable to attend. Both seats are awarded independently: if Anders Ye cannot go, it will be the next best Swede at the SORMC2014. Likewise, the EMA ranking’s seat may shuffle downward accordingly. The seat will transfer to the other qualification method only after all options in one list are exhausted.

1Matej Labas315800
2Kirill Osipov238000
3Anders Ye222200
4Konsta Lensu208000
5Jesper Nøhr128900
6Michal Marko120200
7Mark Lemoine89900
8Sheila Hansen89800
9Karl-Edward Ekeblad83100
10Felix Bergquist69500
11Mattias Mikkola56300
12Niklas Bengtsson51200
13Jasper Germeys48200
14Alexander Nymark40900
15Sebastian Lavallée29900
16Robin Ekman26000
17Stefan Persson24600
18Maaria Wahlström13500
19Nikolas Kiili-100
20Karl Andersson-1300
21Marian Sekeras-1600
22Simon Widell-39500
23Daniel Nilsson-57300
24Jari Helenius-58700
25Matthias Köhler-66300
26Qim Dahl Karlsson-68300
27Frank Rostved-78100
28Kristoffer Lindfors-93100
29Sören Gullbrand-117700
30Åsa Johansson-124600
31Christian Lundell-130600
32Sam Lockwood-153900
33Maria Rådman-161400
34Rolf Hedberg-175100
35Kai Widell Niigata-235300
36Måns Gezelius-306100