Happy New Year @Napoleons Casino

Me, Osamu, Mikolan and Gemma from ReachMahjong.com came together to play a few hanchans at Napoleons casino in Leicester Square, London. They have free Chinese mahjong sets to use and table surfaces specific for the mahjong tiles. You don’t have to be a member, but they may ask you to check in your bag or coat at the front desk. Lots of Chinese people, as usual, playing roulette and baccarat.

Managed to play three hanchans. Mikolan’s luck ran out in the third as he came dead last after placing first in the first two. Funniest moment was me getting haitei dora dora from Gemzy when she riichi’d.

Napoleons casino has free use of mahjong from 12-5pm, Monday to Saturday. Most Chinese go there first, then migrate to Empire casino, where they charge a small fee for their use of mahjong sets and tables.

We went to Osamu’s favourite place he’s never been to for dinner, Five Guys. I would say it was tasty, but they could at least use foil wrapping which didn’t cut my lip everytime I took a bite.

Later, we went to HoG (Heart of Gaming) for a bit of arcade gaming. The last arcade in London!

Resolutions for the new year:

– Always ask at the beginning of a hanchan if playing with kuitan
– You can have sanankou open, as long as your ankous are closed
– Learn fu and 1 2 3 han points calculation
– Play Yakuza 3 & 4 in Japanese

Five Guys
Heart of Gaming