Grilled Chicken and Flowers

Grilled Chicken and Flowers

Tsuno has recently added a new, optional, rule for Tenhou CHAMPIONSHIPS, ‘shuugi’, which I’m sure a lot of ‘PUROS’ will jeer at. Shuugi rewards players for luck. Basically, for every ippatsu, aka dora and ura dora you get a bonus point. You get points for tsumo, ron and for getting yakuman hands too. As far as I understand, each of these bonus points can range from 2000-10000 depending on the Championship rules. I have a feeling I’m way off on that last sentence though.

In more recent news, Tsuno also posted a list of optional rules he’s thinking of adding to championship mode, this includes open riichi, yakitori, flower tiles, option to start with 2 dora indicators, wareme and Washizu Mahjong.

Edit: Apparently Tsuno was thinking of adding Aotenjou too but due to 32bit, it’s nearly impossible to have numbers that high. He said something about ‘buu mahjong’ too

-Uma 5-10, 5-15, 20-50
-No Tochuuryuukoku
-Houra renchan
-Add 1500 points to the hand value for each renchan counter (normally 300 points)
-Can go below 0
-Atama hane
-Two aka dora in each suit.
-Noten renchan
-Oya doesn’t change until someone wins a hand
-Open Riichi
-Start with 2 dora indicators
-Can ron on an ankan with kokushi musou
-Kanzen Sakizuke
-Flower tiles
-Other local rules
-Always 2 han Shibari
-Aka dora count as Yaku
-Shizumi Uma (???)
-Return riichi deposits if Ryuukyoku
-Noten payment adjustment
-Can not change your wait after riichi
-Okkurikan Ari (???)

There are some awesome rules that I can’t wait for and some that just sound stupid (aka dora count as yaku!) It would be nice if Tsuno added an aotenjou option too.