Japanese developer Fuzz released a new mahjong server in February called "Jong City" with support from pro leagues Real Mahjong Unit and Nihon Pro Mahjong. The server's key feature is webcam support and the ability to play top professionals from RMU and NPM as well as special guests, such as Takaharu Ooi, Tarou Suzuki, Nicolas, Kouichi Kihara and Masayuki Katayama.


The game is completely free to play although players can spend real money on gems which allow them to 'request' games with Professionals/Guests (500jpy) and other players (300jpy). Jong City has muliple rooms with a variarty of rule sets, including:

Base Rules

  • East only
  • Headbump
  • No abortive draws
  • Chii switch OK
  • No Pao

Area specific rules

Gotanda (五反田)

  • Uma: 10/20
  • Busting ends the game
  • No red dora

Shinjuku (新宿)

  • Uma: 10/20
  • Busting ends the game
  • 1 red 5 pin/sou/man

Ikebukuro (池袋)

  • Sanma
  • No 2-8 manzu
  • No chii
  • No nuki dora (normally pei)
  • Pei counts as dora (when used in hand)
  • Uma: 10/20
  • Busting ends the game

Ginza (銀座)

  • Uma: 10/20
  • Busting ends the game
  • 2 red 5 pin/sou/man
  • Rounds start with 2 dora indicators

As well as an event room which currently houses a room with Aotenjou.

Jong City's official website