Beginners Guide and News(!?)

Minor update: Thanks to some recent fixing by Osamu you can now add comments on the guide pages themselves. Well, if the need to strikes you, of course, it-it’s not like we did it so we can read your feedback!

Hello there! We have created a beginners guide to online mahjong, so please check it out! The links to it are in the sidebar. One thing we noticed a lot was beginners wanting information on how to start playing, and we had nowhere to point them. You could either give them huge collections of links like some kind of internet riddle game, or just tell them to play online until they figured it out for themselves. Fortunately now we have a simpler option, and you can start your journey right here.

In completely different news, a list of Yakuza 3 trophies has appeared on the internet. This list is lacking the mahjong trophy and some others (shogi, cabaret trophies etc). Hopefully this means they haven’t cut out mahjong completely for whatever reason.

Also, in the Japanese blogosphere (笑) there has been talk about whether or not Tsunoda should allow people to watch dan games in real time, but I could reading this wrong.

Finally NISEMARU2009 has posted a trailer for mudazumo. You may watch it here