Awesome Mahjong league #1 – Summer 2010

The summary page is UP for the Awesome Mahjong League. If there are any details you wish to correct, contact me the same way you did before or in the osamuko comments. Thanks!

The first session is already seeded. (Click to view more)

Rank/Player/ID/FlagSession 1 (7.2)Session 2 (7.16)Session 3 (7.30)Session 4 (8.13)Session 5 (8.27)Session 6 (9.10)Total
**1**Senechal-4*0.0 0.0
**2**ronronronronron210.0 0.0
**3**osamu1*0.0 0.0
4xKime-3*0.0 0.0
5MahjongMontréal-420.0 0.0
6tyblazitar210.0 0.0
7eirei1*0.0 0.0
8Harlaown-420.0 0.0
9bzzzra610.0 0.0
10TRA-420.0 0.0
11Pabli-31.20.0 0.0
12Speedwagon210.0 0.0
13puppi21.20.0 0.0
14levvy220.0 0.0
15Wortex21.20.0 0.0
16HatHair11.20.0 0.0
17softerthansilence-4*0.0 0.0
18VgameT-62.10.0 0.0
19XshinjiX2*0.0 0.0
20Hasu920.0 0.0
Current rank number is irrelevant aside from indicating the order of joining the league.

7 18 3 14 20 9 6 19 15 5 1 2 4 16 17 11 13 10 12 8 is the seed for Session 1 taken from

9 6 2 12 — 14 20 5 10 8 (Pulling out the session limited numbers)

7 3 9 6 — 18 14 20 19 — 15 1 2 12 — 5 4 8 10 — 13 11 16 17 : Session 1 match-ups.

Matchups are:
eirei, osamu, bzzzra, tyblazitar [Group 1 at 2100GMT]
VgameT, levvy, Hasu, XshinjiX
** [Group 2 at 0000GMT]**
** Speedwagon, Senechal, ronronronronron, Wortex**** [Group 3 at 2100GMT]**
** xKime, Mamo, Harlaown, TRA**** [Group 4 at 0000GMT]**
** Pabli, puppi, HatHair, STS/chuckys.**** [Group 5 at 2100GMT]**

All rules are to be taken as Tenhou standard for East-South, ari-red-fast. New is the last tenpai-yame addition.

Late penalty: -6 per full 5 minutes, distributed to your opponents after the normal game score.
Warned absence: -19 points, distributed to every player +1 (delta = -20 pt). The reason for this is to encourage presence, break close ties for people present more often, but also as an insurance policy against unwarned absences. Games will be re-seeded in such a case or subbed given my available options.
Unwarned absence: After 30 minutes, -90 points. We will find a sub to play in your place, your opponents will get +10 each for having to put up with a no-show, and everyone else +5. (Final numbers here subject to modification.)

Quasi-full rule translation in case it’s needed:
25000 points in, 30000 points out. Tallied points used are multiples of 1000.
Spread is +20, +10, -10, -20.
Clinched wins (after-attach, back-door) are ON.
Pick and switch is OFF.
Open Tanyao is ON.
Red fives are ON. (1 5m, 1 5p, 1 5s)
No-ten? No redeal. Tenpai-renchan ON.
Extra Hands ON, sudden death ON. (As soon as someone busts over 30000, game over.)
Sudden death stops at West. Shaa-nyuu ON, Pei-nyuu OFF.
Last dealer stops game after winning a hand placing up to 1st place. Draw games also end the game in this condition.
Score is rounded to best thousand. Drop 4, round 5. (League will count actual points.)
Leader takes unclaimed deposits.
Endgame ties will be broken from initial seating. (League will split ties.)
2-han restriction (after 5 repeats) OFF. Always 1 han+ to go out.
All abortions ON. All count as repeats (renchan)
9-end abortion requires 9 different ends. P/K/C scraps this.
All crap river hand ON. (Nagashi mangan). Payment in lieu of usual penalty pot, if dealer was tenpai, dealer keeps deal (renchan).
Double ron ON. Deposits are head-bumped. If dealer was a winner, keep deal.
Big 3 Dragons and Big 4 Winds insurance ON. Tsumo = everything, ron = half. (Remark if two yakuman were in play, pao is covered by 1st one confirmed. Repeat bonuses also “insured”.)
4 Kan insurance OFF.
Tenapi shape ON. Waiting for a dead wait, or a potential 5th one is OK. Holding onto 4 copies however is the only exception not allowed for waiting on the 5th.)
No-bust riichi. 1000 points is fine.
Dealing into a hand while calling riichi = no lost deposit.
Furiten riichi ON.
Letting a tile slide after riichi = permanent furiten.
Letting a tile slide because it doesn’t let you win legally = furiten (until your next turn, permanent if riichi)
Kans not allowed after riichi if they change the wait. Send-off kans OFF. Shape-changing kans ON.
Kan dora, kan ura-dora ON.
Kan dora flipped immediately for closed kan, flipped after for others.
– 純正巡消しは発声&和了打診後(加槓のみ)、嶺上ツモの前(連続する加槓の2回目には一発は付かない)
– 同一巡内の選択ロン和了なし(加槓牌を含む)
Haitei calling OFF.
8-renchan, renhou, sanrenkou, triple copy straight, all crap OFF.