This month, the Japan Professional Mahjong League debuted a new tournament, the Mahjong Japan Series. This series gathers 12 players who have either won a major title in 2014, voted by the public during a live stream or were recommended by JPML. The 12 players are:

Fujita Susumu (Saikyosen)
Masayoshi Ara (Mahjong Grand Prix MAX)
Naoya Maeda (Hououi)
Hiroshi Yamai (World Riichi Championship)
Hideki Sakurai (10 Dan)
Jun Murakami (Saikoui)
Taro Suzuki (Janou)
Ooi Takaharu (RMU League)
Yuudai Maehara (JPML’s recommended pro)
Masayuki Katayama (JPML’s recommended celebrity)
Naoki Setokuma (1st Fan pick)
Satoshi Fujisaki (2nd Fan pick)

What’s fascinating about this is JPML don’t normally work with other pro leagues (with the only big exceptions being WRC and Saikyousen), and it’s the first time the WRC rules have been used in Japan by a professional league.

If you have niconico premium, you may watch the timeshift here: