A silly update post with news...

You might be aware of the leagues and tournaments we’re hosting, as well as what’s going on with mahjong internationally, but I I’m here to bring you the smaller updates that didn’t make the front page! Translated mahjong manga, subtitled mahjong dorama, Houou players, tenhou backgrounds and more.

Osamuko Scanlations is a thing now. Our scanlation for the first chapter of mahjong manga “Aki” is now up in MangaFox. Check it out here: http://mangafox.me/manga/aki/

But you thought we would stop there? What if I told you that there’s an ongoing project to subtitle mahjong dorama “TOHAI” based on a manga by the same name. Yes, you can check out the subtitled trailer here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qeq7vteazxdtwxd/TOHAI.mkv

The first episode is halfway done.

We’ve come a long way writing articles on strategy. We can now proudly say, they help! Fellow player and blog reader Amauri Murai has achieved 7 dan today. Congrats! http://puu.sh/gvlIq/554ec0d875.jpg

Do you use the Windows client for tenhou? Are you bored of your usual background? If so, I will share with you a zip file with a few backgrounds I made of Ryuumonbuchi toka, using the layered Amos Ultima template and a few pictures from danbooru. Here’s a sample: http://puu.sh/gvl9Y/8a434f1359.jpg

You can get them all here: http://puu.sh/gvlTr/ecd8105103.zip

The blog is far from dead, and we’re active as ever on IRC, #osamuko at rizon.net. Come find us and stick around.

Good luck, and may the tiles be with you.