WWYD video series

Hi gang,

I’m creating a WWYD (What Would You Discard) video series and would like some creative ideas and feedback. Below is my first video attempt. I intend to add audio commentary.

Besides examples I have come across myself, I would search the tenhou logs of other players, facebook posts, etc. and create videos from those examples too.
Please leave feedback, ideas and any comments below or on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “WWYD video series

  1. A very important detail is missing here: point values. If I have a very comfortable lead, I’ll hold my tenpai since the 1p is likely safe, I can afford to deal in, and I would like to just end the game (if toimen wins, then there is a renchan so I need to win to secure my victory). If I don’t, then I will fold and discard 4m.

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