WRC Prep Post

It’s almost here, the first World Riichi Championship. This is a short bloggy post as a prelude to the WRC, maybe there will actually be a report, unlike some other big european  championship that took place last year.

I wasn’t skilled enough to qualify  to represent my country, but apparently I’m cool enough to be invited by the organizers (All thanks to Gemma, I can’t thank her enough). I was told that I wasn’t allowed to represent the UK because they could not give the UK anymore, and I’ll be representing THE INTERNET, which is much cooler! Though as I have an UK flag next to my name I have no idea what I’m representing.

I haven’t played mahjong much lately due to some changes in my life so the next 1-2 days I’m gonna be playing online like mad. In baduk, they say absences only make you stronger, I hope the same applies to mahjong!

In other news I bought a DSLR just for the WRC. It’s nothing fancy and I couldn’t afford any nice lenses but the quality of images should be nicer than the blurry messes I’ve posted before (https://twitter.com/kagakushaa/status/380761676116553728)

This post was gonna be slightly longer but I have to leave for the airport in 30 minutes and I still haven’t packed! orz

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