What’s News – 29-10-2010

Today’s market closed with cold beer down 100 pericas, and… oh right, MAHJONG news. Yea.

In case you’re new here, this is one of those filler posts we make so people will think this blog is “active and frequently updated“. w

Welcome Aboard xKime

Let’s give a hearty welcome to xKime, a fine bro from Argentina who’s been busy translating things to share on here. Translation is always appreciated because people who want to translate things are either too busy or too lazy and “burn out” rather quickly.

In addition to translating from Japanese to English, he’s also translated some posts here from English to Spanish. You can find them alongside his original content in his book, Guía de Profundización en Mahjong Básico.

Tournament in St. Petersburg

A major Russian tournament was held on the 23rd, containing players from Peter, Moscow, and Samara. This is a notable event because not many people realize there is a large Japanese Mahjong community in Russia.

That guy on the left is a pro. Can you tell why?

Many of their members also play on Toupaiou or Tenhou (L7994) and maintain some active mahjong sites like tenhou.ru. They also host the Officially Sanctioned Russian translation of our glossary.

Other cool things: Haibane translated some posts, and votan made an enterprise scoring program.

The Man Possessed By Mahjong

A live action movie based on the mahjong manga “Toudai wo Deta Keredo” is currently in production.

Toudai wo Deta Keredo: Maajan ni Tsukareta Otoko

The manga runs in Kindai Mahjong and is about a Toudai graduate who works in a jansou. It’s also apparently based on the author’s own life experiences. It will be an original video scheduled to release on DVD on January 23.

VgameT doin thangs

VgameT was doin thangs one day when someone suggested he start a mahjong journal to help analyze his gameplay. He then created BAD MANIACS and Osamu promptly added it to the links section. Apparently he updates more often than the rest of us combined.

VgameT is a guy who “achieved some measure of acknowledgment in the English-speaking mahjong community”. In other words, he’s that guy who plays 3p in L7447 and gets yakuman every time.

Okay, maybe not every time, but he gets a lot of them. He’s also not bad at ranked 4p either.

7 thoughts on “What’s News – 29-10-2010

  1. I’m still only recieving a monthly playment of 45k Pericas, so I’ll pass on the cold beer for now… okay, maybe just one, just this once…

    Hey, my name’s up there. Nice. It’s my pleasure to help. I’m such a failure at Japanese that I can’t translate manga, so I can only translate mahjong articles as what I know the most is mahjong terminology. I wish I could translate Saki, though. But I can’t find the raw for Volume 8. On top of that, it would be a very half-assed work. orz

    Hey, the russian guys use the very same mahjong set we use down here. Made in china ftw.
    In Soviet Russia, tiles draw you.

    VgameT has accomplished more yakuman than I have ever accomplished baiman. </3

  2. Ark: Keeping a record of my games so I know when I’ll be in peak condition and when my concentration is slipping is wise, but first I have to get good enough to have that condition at all, haha.

    It’s way easier to do regular updates when the only thing you have to do is like, “I played some games, here’s a thing that happened…ok, bye.” Writing a news article or a strategy article would take way more effort and time to write. I’d never have the confidence to do the latter :X

  3. Thanks. If you have any articles that you want to request for a quick trans, as long as it is mahjong-related, I’ll see what I can do.

  4. @xKime:
    Just curious, why do you play with those sets? I played with those sets when I was in St. Petersburg and met a mahjong-friend (same room even I think) and I just thought they were way too big. Any reason particular you use those or just cause they were easy to get/cheap?

  5. We also think they are horribly big. Our tables had to be built on 1mx1m in order to play comfortable. But now it is the table that’s umcofortable too. But, I kinda like them.

    Still, yeah, they are easy to get and very cheap. There are more expensive and uglier ones out there. I got to buy a Japanese set off e-bay, though. And a friend too. So, we’ve been playing with those. But it’s also very expensive.

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