Upcoming (online) tournaments

1.Summer Global Open (finished)
(or Winter if you are in the southern hemisphere)

It’s an open tournament, so everyone can register, provided that they are available at the designated time.

Info: http://tinyurl.com/summerglobalopen
Register: https://goo.gl/forms/UoKpGQeo3wIhNz4Y2
Tournament room: http://tenhou.net/0/?C10350560
– Group A: 1:00 UTC June 10 (until ~5:00)
– Group B: 13:00 UTC June 10 (until ~17:00)
– Final: 16:00 UTC June 11 (until ~18:00)

The tournament has finished. Congratz to tateniu for their victory!

2.The Invitational

Planned time: July 1st

Same as last year’s Osamuko Invitational, some of the best players in the English-speaking community will be invited to participate in this tournament. More info (players and teams) would be updated later.


Guy from Vietnam. 8d is my goal.

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