Mahjong on English Niconico

The English Niconico site have set up an English viewing room for the next Marchao Master League session at 7pm JST on Thursday. I think it’s just a place for westerners to comment and there won’t be anything special like English commentary but if it does well I’m sure there will be more mahjong stuff for us.

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By the way, they have translated “日本プロ麻雀協会” (Japanese Professional Mahjong Association) and “最高位戦日本プロ麻雀協会” (Saikouisen Nihon Pro Mahjong Association) to just “Japan Professional Mahjong League”. They’re different organizations and not connected to Renmei/Japan Pro Mahjong League.

6 thoughts on “Mahjong on English Niconico

  1. I think ron2 are starting a beta channel to broadcast mahjong-related material including live matches with pros. Might only be available to paying members though…

    1. Well, I pay, and they still discriminate against me because my IP is not Japanese. I can’t watch them, as they are “not available at my country”. Same reason I can’t watch their anime specials on the official nico channel.

      1. No way… I had that problem in Germany, but they have basically made half of YouTube unavailable. I didn’t have any problems in the UK…

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