Mahjong News #5 (16/02/2011)

The writers at osamuko are very lazy. Despite numerous of attempts to update regularly we’ve failed miserably. These news articles were one such attempt but stuff like Umaikeiki’s computer breaking for the umpteenth time or Umaikeiki getting addicted to crack always seem to hinder his attempts to write them.

I’m sure Umai has told you all about the origin and purpose of this series but, as I stated in the first sentence, I’m too lazy to read his old stuff. I used to always link to stuff related to mahjong, like a MFC tournament sponsored by an energy drink. Umai had an idea to turn these links in to a series of blog posts. I believe the original idea was to have it every week which is funny since we’ve been unable to make one every month.


Kajimoto Takunori, who you’ve probably heard while watching mahjong games on youtube, has published 3 books on the kindle store. Product descriptions are very engrishy and despite being translated by Tom Sroper (No joke) and Daniele Cesarini there’s a bit of engrish inside the samples. Maybe I’ll do a proper review once I get some money. (Note: I also bought Jenn’s book to review and that never happened)

Battle Royal

This year’s Battle Royal, A team-based tournament, ended last month. The Meijinsen team, which consisted of Moriyama Shigekazu, Niitsu Kiyoshi, Ara Masayoshi and Kojima Takeo. If you’re interested in televised mahjong you can find the table for the Mondo Mahjong Pro League here.


Kinori (Kindai Mahjong Original, a magazine which, nowadays, is mostly just a whole magazine of old Akagi chapters) have announced that in its March issue there will be a new manga called [aki] based on the life of Nikaidou Aki or something. Inoken’s post with image of the announcement.

Akagi Chocolates

The Kinma store some has limited edition Akagi themed chocolates for White Day. They only made 88 sets and they’re already sold out. I wonder if the guys who bought them will actually give them to their girlfriends?


From s4e12. Some prisoners playing mahjong without a wall and 7 tile hands. There was a prisoners playing mahjong joke in Psych in an early season too.

One thought to “Mahjong News #5 (16/02/2011)”

  1. That energy drink CM is kind of misleading. If Kojima Takeo sensei actually drank that, I think he would die. ;_;

    Anyway, I kind of… tried asking Kaji-san if he could gift me the books as I have no credit card, quite a bold thing to do, but it’s true! If I got access to them, I would review them.

    Meijin same won Battle Royale mainly thanks to Ara Masayoshi’s huge win in one of the hanchan, and Kojima Takeo’s magnificent(?) attack-defense/oshi-hiki/whatever. It was quite a sight! Actually, here:

    I really hope aki’s manga has a fair share of nopan.

    Also, prisoners are always a good thing, but I’m still looking for the clip on Seinfeld where George’s mother and a few other hags are playing MJ.

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