Tokyo Jansou experience

I visited Tokyo from the 7th of March until the 21st and yes, I’m still in one piece and don’t emit excessive amounts of radiation. Or at least I’d hope so.
Ok, this has been some time but I guess I should just finish this up and hit the button saying “Publish”. Prepare for a tedious read.


何をuld you 切る?


Due to being busylazy, we haven’t published the answers to the quiz until now. We apologize for the inconvenience to our dear readers. orz
You can find the answers to the quiz now at the end of this article.
Thanks to Ben for providing us with the answers!

As some of you probably know, the ECR (European Riichi Championship) Tournament, which my humble self attended to, was held for the second time after 2 years during the last weekend in Hannover, Germany.
Expect a more detailed write-up of my experiences and antics during those 3 days once I un-lazy a bit more.

On Friday evening, prior to the actual games on Saturday and Sunday, a 3 hour strategy workshop was being held, which is the actual focus of this post.