A silly update post with news…

You might be aware of the leagues and tournaments we’re hosting, as well as what’s going on with mahjong internationally, but I I’m here to bring you the smaller updates that didn’t make the front page! Translated mahjong manga, subtitled mahjong dorama, Houou players, tenhou backgrounds and more.


Osamuko Scanlations is a thing now. Our scanlation for the first chapter of mahjong manga “Aki” is now up in MangaFox. Check it out here: http://mangafox.me/manga/aki/


But you thought we would stop there? What if I told you that there’s an ongoing project to subtitle mahjong dorama “TOHAI” based on a manga by the same name. Yes, you can check out the subtitled trailer here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qeq7vteazxdtwxd/TOHAI.mkv

The first episode is halfway done.


We’ve come a long way writing articles on strategy. We can now proudly say, they help! Fellow player and blog reader Amauri Murai has achieved 7 dan today. Congrats! http://puu.sh/gvlIq/554ec0d875.jpg


Do you use the Windows client for tenhou? Are you bored of your usual background? If so, I will share with you a zip file with a few backgrounds I made of Ryuumonbuchi toka, using the layered Amos Ultima template and a few pictures from danbooru. Here’s a sample: http://puu.sh/gvl9Y/8a434f1359.jpg

You can get them all here: http://puu.sh/gvlTr/ecd8105103.zip


The blog is far from dead, and we’re active as ever on IRC, #osamuko at rizon.net. Come find us and stick around.

Good luck, and may the tiles be with you.

4 thoughts on “A silly update post with news…

  1. Sure you like Tôka (she is even stronger at the start of Saki Zenkoku-hen part, but she get almost zero screentime)… I will check this Aki manga. Also, I´m not too much into doramas, but I look forward to see it.

    Keep it up!

    1. I do love her. When they cut back to the months she spent analyzing online games and professional play, that scene always touches my heart. And how she can deviate from her usual digital style just to try to show off. If I could keep any Saki girl I wanted, I’d choose Touka any time.

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