Organization: Japan Professional Mahjong League
Birthplace: Toyama
Age: 47
Rank: 7 dan
Years Pro: 19
Nickname(s): Offence Master
Favouite yaku: Chitoitsu

  • 20th Champions League 2011 (Now called JPML WRC League)
  • 1st World Riichi Championship 2014
  • 5th Internet Mahjong Japan Championship 2016

International Tournament Results:

  • 1st World Riichi Championship 2014 (1/120)
  • 2nd World Riichi Championship 2017 (71/224)
  • 1st NYC International Open 2015 (2/40)
  • 4th Japan House Reach Mahjong Cup 2016 (18/100) (Russia)


Yamai (right) counts his points in the WRC final

Hiroshi Yamai made history in 2014 by winning the first WRC, and becoming the first world champion of riichi mahjong.

Originally, Yamai's style was defensive and people called him Defence Master but he felt that to win and get more media appearences he had to change his style. After consulting with Sasaki and Maehara, his style focused on offence, and his nickname changed to Offence Master