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  1. Would a fourth Riichi end the game if the tile discarded to declare it is Ronnable by someone else?

    3 pin if no, 4 man riichi if yes.

  2. 3p

    you are now second which is not too far from top, with 2 ura dora and 2s still invisible, dealing into anyone’s hand cause a great damage here.

    4m is quite a dangerous tile in this case and the most important thing is, chance of winning this hand is quite small

  3. 3pin, pon on the first 4m to come, deal the 8p and go for kuitan. seems kinda safe, and since you’re spending some turns dealing safe tiles someone else could be ron’d.

  4. Puyo: She is South wind, which is in fact third.

    Taiga: 8p? That’s not a completely safe tile for any of the others, whereas 2p is for two of them. Yes, it’s a dora, but there are 4 1p’s, 3 2p’s, 3 3p’s and 3 4p’s visible. The only way dealer can win with 2p is by having a 34p wait, possessing the last copy of each tile, which is fairly unlikely. Personally, I wouldn’t even take that chance, and just toss purely safe tiles.

  5. 3p is good because it’s a genbutsu against all 3 opponents at once, and you have two of them so you will be able to get 6 more genbutsu by stalling.

    Also if one of those two gets a direct hit on east, you may have a chance for first place.

  6. Perfundle:
    >8p? That’s not a completely safe tile for any of the others, whereas 2p is for two of them.
    well, you can’t just deal safe tiles all the time, and, judging from how everyone riichi’d and the people’s ponds, the only one with a potential big hand is the shimo cha, which probably has chinitsu/honitsu on manzi tiles.
    also cocks

  7. Taiga: And if so tossing 2p can’t be worse than tossing 8p, right? Besides, it’s not “all the time” that three people declare riichi simultaneously; I can’t think of a better time to play defense than that. As for the discards, I doubt someone who was going for chiniisou/honiisou on manzu tiles would toss 4s that late, assuming that the light color on that tile means that it was not tsumokiri’d. I’d say it’s likely that all of them have 2s, or at least tiles near 2s.

    By the way, Osamu, do you remember what you in fact did here?

  8. come to think of it, the 5p looks safer, since noone could have 34 but they COULD have 67.
    then i’d discard 3pin, then pon on 3/4 man and discard the 5 pin.
    now, thinking all that while you actually play would be nice.
    still think that the shimocha had honitsu.
    replay where

  9. Perfundle: I actually riichi’d. I guess it was because if East would win the round then it’d be harder to actually come first, the 4m passed.

    Anonymous: No replay.

  10. I think that its very unlikely that the shimo-cha has a honitsu/chinitsu. Look at his discards. Only four were dealt from within his/her hand. That should mean that he had a very organised starting hand, and was 1 shanten up to the point he dealt the 4s and riichi’d. Thats why i think the possibility of shimo-cha having a monster hand is quite low. Whats more, all the jihai are out. Only 2 chuns remain, and they are either in kami chas hand or in the remaining wall. So the shimo cha can only have a chinitsu, which is even more unlikely with just 4 switchups.

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