Tsuki Matagi Hai

Or Monthly Forked Tree Cup? Tsuno is testing the servers capabilities by running a free tournament on tenhou at 22:00 JST or 13:00 GMT. 1st-10th get 30 days of premium membership. Last time Tsuno tried running a free tournament (Saki Cup) it crashed the server.

Tsuki Matagi Hai
Date:  30/11/2010 22:00 – 2:00 JST
Rule: Tonpuu ariari
Prize: 1st-10th 30 days of premium
Enterance fee: free
Ranking: Best score from 3 consective games

6 thoughts on “Tsuki Matagi Hai

  1. Yay. I arrived 2 hours 25 minutes after it finished. I shouldn’t have overslept.

    Still, the chances of getting a good score in three games in a tournament where “everyone is okay” is just about the same as getting a good score in three 一般games.

  2. I only played two games but I believe many high ranked players played in the tournament. There was a 7dan and 8dan in my first game.

  3. Then, I guess I should have been there…

    But I’m pretty much busy with Janryuumon events. I shouldn’t neglect tenhou this much. I should be 6th dan by now. D:

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