Total members: 24

I’m not going to replace the large graphic, but will announce that I will be adding the following players to the tournament:
nezeru (-5, 2.1); Humour (1, *); Sinbios (-4, 2); mTerek (-7, 2)
There will not be a third session. Sorry yuu.

5 thoughts on “Total members: 24

  1. Don’t despair, try to turn up if possible. I don’t know how the backup situation is going to turn out, but you’ll probably be able to meet some people, at the very least. We’ll probably all be there and should be able to get some side games going.

  2. TACOS: In Yuu’s case, he really can’t. Although nothing says you can’t keep playing in the main English lobby afterwards.

  3. What I meant was me and umai and some of the regulars who couldn’t commit could show up to cheer you on and pretend like we own the place.

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