Hey, this blog is currently kinda dead so I’ll be doing something that I can atleast update weekly or biweekly.

I’ll be starting a new ID on tenhou and logging the progress, kinda like what a lot of Japanese bloggers do. I’ll try to get at least 10 games a week, I can probably do that in a day though.

Expect shitty stats soon as I lose from the other players’ skill luck.


Update: Actually, I’ll give an update every 10 games or so.

Update2: Screw that, I’ll update when I feel like it.

Defense Guide part 2: Kabe, Saki-giri, and Dama-ten

Here’s another basic Mahjong strategy known as Kabe, plus Dama-ten and Saki-giri which you can use against slightly tougher opponents.

Yo, this is UmaiKeiki again. If you are reading this, it means I actually made more of my defense guide (a surprise, I know). This is a continuation of my previous post which you should probably read first. I apologize if this turns into another novel/tl;dr/wall of text/whatever.


UmaiKeiki’s defense guide — Betaori and Suji

A guide to useful Riichi Mahjong strategy, such as discard reading and how to avoid dealing into hands.

What’s up. This is UmaiKeiki, a Mahjong fan with a shorter attention span than that of a dog with ADD.

Some time ago I set out to write one of my Mahjong-addict buddies a guide to defense strategy. Once it was about half finished, something shiny caught my attention and the guide was long forgotten… One day Osamuko mentioned that she wanted to put something about Suji reading on here; I remembered that old guide and offered to revive it into blog form. This whole fetus is what I recovered off my old computer — I make no guarantees that it doesn’t suck horribly.

Brace for tl;dr!



I want to talk about Saki. Let’s talk about Saki for a moment. Any self-respecting mahjong-playing weeaboo knows Saki. It’s about a moe mahjong schoolgirl who always plays to get a break-even score. This is because when she was young, she used to play mahjong a lot with her family come New Year’s, which is a popular practice in Japan, since you have a bunch of people sitting around with nothing to do. Whenever Saki ended up winning, her father would rape her, and when she lost, her sister would rape her. I’d imagine 2D rape is not so bad but it probably gets kind of tiring after 4-5 han chan. In time, she managed to perfect a unique style of play that always gets her plus-minus zero for a score.

She never ever played to win.